Woman spring fragrance : my 2020’s selection

Woman spring fragranceWoman spring fragrance

Today, I’m going to share with you my 2020 selection of woman spring fragrance. With the return of the beautiful days, the days that lengthen and Nature that wakes up, we often want to change.

Why changing fragrances according to the seasons ?

In the spring, we start to shed our big sweaters and coats. Generally, if you live in a Parisian apartment (or very small apartment in big cities), we tend to change our closet and switch to spring/summer mode and relegate autumn/winter in suitcases or boxes far from our sight…

The temperatures are rising, the sun is there…The opportunity is perfect to change your scent in order to put it in tune with Nature and the beautiful season. Exit the juices with powerful and enveloping notes, hello the fresh and fruity notes !

What perfume to wear during the summer ? Here are my tips for finding your way around.

Woman spring fragrance

How to choose your fragrance for spring/summer ?

Fragrance is for me your olfactory identity. It must turned with you but also with your style both the energy that emanates from you and your clothing style.

Whether it’s a men’s perfume or a women’s perfume, certain notes will be more pleasant to wear when the warm weather arrives. Likewise, the concentration of the perfume plays a decisive role.

When spring arrives, we are more attracted by fresh, flowery, aromatic, citrus smells, in short, what Nature offers us but all in a bottle !

For women, eau de toilette and colognes are the ideal accessory for the season. They are less concentrated in fragrance and more capture fairly volatile olfactory notes – which brings freshness and dynamism to your wake.

For men, who assume, an eau de toilette may be the best choice. Eau de Cologne and fresh water are also an option if you want a lighter, more discreet fragrance. As for sports eau de toilette, they are also an option if you like this type of fragrance.

woman fragrance 2020

Woman spring fragrance : my selection

I have grouped into several categories a selection of woman spring fragrance that I really like. There will be something for all sensitivities : flowers, citrus, fruity notes, etc.

Floral scent

If you like flowers, the virginal, ultra feminine side, here are three perfumes that I love to bring out when the warm weather approaches :

  • Fleur d’Osmanthus by Roger & Gallet : which is a subtle blend of floral, fresh and luminous notes. This creation is, as described by Roger & Gallet, exhilarating.
  • Champs de Fleurs by L’Artisan Parfumeur : describes itself as a “thrill of petals”
  • Wild Bluebell by Jo Malone : ​​delicate, ephemeral, this fragrance represents an English garden with dew.
  • Somei Yoshino by Berdoues : A delicate fragrance inspired by cherry blossoms. Appreciate the beauty of flowers, a story of tenderness and serenity.

Fruity fragrance for spring

I am not sweet fruity scents kinda girl but if it is a juicy and fresh creation, I say yes ! Here is my selection for spring 2020 :

  • Blackberry & Bay by Jo Malone : ​​juicy and delicious, this fragrance makes you munch on the blackberries of your childhood again.
  • Premier Figuier from L’Artisan Parfumeur : Green leaves, milky sap, warm air, sweet fruit and even the fresh shade of the tree were all captured in this fragrance full of freshness

Citrus scent

The freshness of citrus fruits invites the sun’s rays to caress our skin, it is the perfect combination for a spring fragrance for women.

  • Grand Neroli by Atelier Cologne : elegant, classic and refined cologne. Grand Neroli has something very tender and round thanks to a light touch of vanilla.
  • Histoire d’Orangers by L’Artisan Parfumeur : this fragrance is like an echo of an immutable memory of a sunset on the ramparts of Taroudant, in Morocco.

Aromatic/woody fragrance for spring

For an original touch :

  • The Ingenue Cousin Flora by Penhaligon’s : is an aromatic citrus for women halfway between aromatic and citrus. Very extroverted, exuberant and fresh.
  • Wood Sage & Sea Salt by Jo Malone : ​​is a magnificent woody and fresh fragrance that captures the waves of the English coast in its bottle.

Other perfume items :



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