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Today we’re going to talk a little bit more about biology with the circadian rhythm. We hear about it regularly, especially with the new technologies that are disturbing it.

What is the circadian rhythm ?

The circadian rhythm, more commonly known as the biological clock, is therefore a process that repeats itself every 24 hours approximately, in synchronization with the rotation of the Earth.

The term “circadian”, invented by Franz Halberg, comes from the Latin circa, “around”, and dies, “day”, and literally means cycle that lasts “about a day”.

All life on Earth, including humans, is genetically programmed to wake up in the morning and fall asleep in the evening (sleep/awake rhythm). This sleep/awake cycle is governed by the circadian rhythm but also supported by processes such as the secretion of hormones, the regulation of blood pressure or body temperature.

A disturbance of this rhythm can not only cause insomnia and various diseases, but also affect our beauty – especially the most sensitive skin.

circadian rythm

uka Organic Body Care range

uka started from the observation that the modern human being is confronted with many disturbers of this circadian rhythm. Our rhythms of life where everything is experienced in accelerated, our days have only lengthened and the blue light to which we are exposed with our technological tools come to touch our ancestral balance of sleep/awake. Indeed, blue light disturbs our brain because its high frequency makes it assimilate to daylight. The usual chemical reactions that cause the body to slow down to promote sleep are out of step and so is the pace.

uka Organic Body Care series was born for adults today, to allow us to relax, maintain our health and face the passage of time by supporting our beauty every day.

The range is available in three fragrances :

  • Hug : Do you feel love ? Consists of essential oils of ylang-ylang, black pepper, tangerine, yuzu.
  • Balance : Are you positive ? Consists of peppermint, clary sage, lemon, Scots pine, rosemary, black spruce.
  • Dream : Do you sleep well ? Consists of incense, petitgrain bigarade, mandarin, lavender marjoram.

Each fragrance is available in three products* :

  • Essential mist : organic lotion in the form of a delicate spray, easy-to-use fragrant mist to wrap yourself in a gentle breeze. This mist hydrates the body, face and hair while soothing the mind.
  • Body wash : for a moment of softness in the shower. Luxurious mix of essential oils combined with Dead Sea salt, rich in minerals, for silky and radiant skin.
  • Body oil : is a mix of precious Cynara and Argan oils for firm and glowing skin.

The range has received organic certification, guaranteeing quality compositions. The brand has always had a very strong relationship with perfumes and especially essential oils whose virtues are no longer to be demonstrated. The three fragrances are designed to adapt to the various situations of the day and provide for our needs in a modern, hectic and busy daily life.

My opinion on the uka range

What I like about uka brand products is the attention to every little detail. Everything has been thought of to immerse the user in a bubble of well-being.

For this Organic Body Care series, uka has pushed its idea to the point of providing video tutorials in order to best guide us in the use of products with massages and breathing techniques. You can find them here for Hug, Balance, Dream.

The fragrance that I prefer from the range is obviously Hug, I am an unconditional fan of the essential oil of ylang-ylang-ilang which represents female energy so well. In addition, it adapts to all times of the day. Using it in the form of a mist is ultra comforting and cocooning. Its formula is really light and does not give a sticky effect on the skin or hair.

Balance wants to be more invigorating with notes that come to sweep us like the sea air by the coast. Dream is a more relaxing aromatic and “clean” scent. Using the shower gel, I found that I was washing both my body and my thoughts.

Where to buy uka ?

On the Japanese beauty website : Bijo, whose mission is to introduce the Japanese wellness lifestyle to the European public through the fundamental concept of beauty. Certain references are available at Sephora if you prefer to do your shopping on this type of platform.

*PR products by Bijo

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