Evening skincare routine with perioral dermatitis

perioral dermatitisevening skincare routine
This week, I decided to share with you here but also on Youtube my evening skincare routine with perioral dermatitis. You often ask me what I apply everyday so I will share everything with you!

Evening routine

I specify, this routine is the one I use when I am not in a crisis or very mild crisis, that is to say in the absence of inflammation (pimples, redness, etc.).

It is a moment that I particularly appreciate. Generally, this is how my morning routine is organized :

  • sports and/or yoga session : 20 minutes to 50 minutes depending on the time I have,
  • having dinner,
  • shower,
  • facial skincare routine.

evening skincare routine

Evening skincare routine with perioral dermatitis

As I often explain, perioral dermatitis does not particularly like layering and products in quantity. For the evening routine, everything resides in a good cleansing of the skin which will not come to attack the skin. The important thing is that the skin breathes and does not have residues of products that stagnate on the skin.

Spring/summer routine

My evening skincare routine breaks down as follows :

  • Removing make-up : with cleansing milk so as not to dehydrate or suffocate the skin. The milk I’m using right now is TAAJ Himalayan Micellar Cleansing Milk. I apply it on dry skin and I massage the product in order to dissolve the maximum of makeup. I remove the product using washable cotton soaked in warm water.
  • Cleanse : Then, to cleanse the skin, I generally use an organic product. Right now it’s Cattier Cleansing Foam which is a soft, airy foam for deep cleaning. I also rinse it with a washable cotton pad.
  • Targeted cleaning : for the eyes, I can complete with a special waterproof makeup product. Right now, I’m using Bourjois Waterproof Micellar Cleansing Water which removes mascara residue and liner without stinging the eyes. To complete the cleaning, I can supplement with a micellar lotion (TO RINSE !). The one I’m finishing right now is Saeve’s Detox Officinale.
  • Soothe : I always end my routine with floral water. I often alternate between chamomile and blueberry. Right now, I’m using Fleurance Nature’s Cornflower Flower Water. When I use chamomile, my favorite product is Sanoflore Organic Noble Chamomile Floral Water.

Fall/winter routine

In autumn/winter, the routine is pretty much the same:

  • Removing Make-up,
  • Clean,
  • Soothe,
  • Hydrate : this winter, I used a gel cream from Innéis which was well supported by my skin.

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