Vegan chocolate mousse with chickpeas water

vegan chocolate mousse chickpeasvegan chocolate mousse chickpeas

I was skeptical with the idea of ​​a vegan chocolate mousse made with chickpea water and frankly, I was amazed ! The texture is ultra honeycombed, while being firm. I also tested this recipe with several types of chocolate. My favorite version was with a rather full-bodied chocolate of around 75% and in particular those from the house of Pralus.

I was inspired by the recipe from Hervé Cuisine.

vegan chocolate mousse

Vegan chocolate mousse : the recipe


150g 75% dark chocolate

150 ml chickpea water (prefer it in a jar or canned, organic)

50g sugar

1 pinch of sea salt flower

Take 150 ml of chickpea juice, usually I take everything from a jar. Whisk in a bowl. When the mixture begins to be very frothy, pour the sugar in a drizzle to “squeeze” the chickpea juice.

Little tip, I find that the texture is even better when the chickpea juice is fresh so if you can leave it a little cool, it’s ideal !

Melt the chocolate . I prefer the bain-marie but it is possible to do it in the microwave. The texture must be very liquid but not too hot so as not to cause the “snow whites” to fall again.

Using a spatula or maryse, gently mix the chocolate and the mounted chickpea juice. As the chocolate is denser, it will tend to stay at the bottom so be careful to scrape the bottom of the bowl well. Take the time to homogenize the preparation well.

Add the sea salt flower and mix well again. Pour the mousse in a large bowl or in small verrines and keep cool between 2 and 4 hours so that the foam freezes and thickens.

A treat and a texture as light as a cloud !

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vegan chocolate mousse


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