Morning skincare routine with perioral dermatitis

skincare routine perioral dermatitis
This week, I decided to share with you here but also on Youtube my morning skincare routine with perioral dermatitis. You often ask me what I apply everyday so I will share everything with you !

Morning routine

I specify, this routine is the one I use when I am not in a crisis, that is to say in the absence of inflammation (spots, redness, etc.).

It is a moment that I particularly appreciate. Generally, this is how my morning routine is organized :

  • workout : between 10 and 20 minutes depending on the time I have,
  • shower,
  • skincare routine.

morning skincare routineskincare routine perioral dermatitis

Morning skincare routine with perioral dermatitis

As I often explain, perioral dermatitis does not particularly like layering and products in quantity. So I use very few products and apply a small amount. The important thing is that the skin breathes and does not have residues of products that stagnate on the skin.

My morning skincare routine breaks down as follows :

  • Refresh : with plant-infused water. Centella Hungary’s Royal Water Lotion is a favorite to which I always return.
  • Hydrate : a day cream may be more than sufficient. When my skin is well and it supports it, I use a serum, a cream and an eye contour routine. I have been using Vichy’s Mineral 89 serum for a while. As for the cream and the eye area, I switched to the new Qiriness Caresse Énergie range. I then finish with a lip balm before going to the makeup step. Choose organic or natural, mine is the Protection & Care for Lips by Anne-Marie Börlind.
  • Massage : the little extra pleasure to work on the oval of the face, decongest, etc. You can do it with your fingers or roll-on or gua sha.

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