Anaca 3+ : I tried the Capteur 5 in 1 caps

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If you are following me on Instagram, you know that I have a quite healthy lifestyle : physical activity, cooking fresh food, etc. Today, I want to lose more weight and I wanted to test the Anaca 3+ capsules which circulate a lot on the web to see what it’s worth.

Anaca 3 : the brand

If you don’t know the brand, Anaca 3 is a brand that offers a range of products focused exclusively on the slimming field. Their range consists of 24 references ranging from food supplements, cosmetics (creams), drainer, herbal teas, etc.

The brand uses a selection of known and recognized natural ingredients to promote weight loss. You will find for example guarana, turmeric, cola, green tea, etc. in their products.

It is important to mention that the Anaca 3 products are slimming products, they are not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, as well as children.

anaca 3

Anaca 3+ : 5 in 1 capteur

The product I tested is the food supplement* Anaca 3+ 5 in 1 capteur. This product has a reinforced dosage compared to its previous version.

Its objectives are :

  • Absorb fats and sugars, thanks to nopal,
  • Contribute to the elimination of fat deposits, thanks to ascophyllum,
  • Contribute to fat metabolism, thanks to guarana,
  • Prevent the accumulation of fat, thanks to turmeric (95% curcumin),
  • Facilitate the destocking of fats by the liver, thanks to turmeric (95% curcumin)

The brand claims to boost our metabolism in order to help us attack stored fat by targeting it specifically. Anaca 3 specifies that this slimming product supports weight loss as part of a slimming diet.

My test

As with all food supplements, you have a number of capsules to take per day. It’s something easy to follow and not very restrictive on a daily basis.

I started a month-long program. The box contains 120 capsules to 4 capsules per day, so we are on a 30-day use with a box.

The capsules (2 x 2) are to be taken before each main meal (lunch and dinner) with a large glass of water.

Today, it is too early to tell you whether or not I see a difference when it comes to my weight loss. In addition, there are no magical products that will make efforts for us. Anaca 3+ offers to support the elimination of fat as part of a low-calorie diet (personally, I’m following the WW program). By itself, it will not make you lose weight, let’s be clear !

However, I note that after a week, this food supplement promotes elimination and drainage. Indeed, I have the feeling of being less swollen and being lighter. Thanks to the synergy of plant extracts chosen for their slimming properties, the user will be able to observe a diuretic effect (thanks to the green tea present). In parallel, I find digestive comfort especially during my small exceptions when I eat gluten (even if I consume carbs that do not contain it). Zinc is a trace element supporting the digestion of carbohydrates, lipids and macronutrients.

I will update this article when I finish this one month program.

* product gifted by Anaca3

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