How to pose in photos for your blog ?

how to pose photoshow to pose photoshow to pose photos
How to pose in photos of your blog ? This is the theme I wanted to address today. Why, will you tell me ? First, because I really wanted to share more photos of this “wet” shoot that I started to upload on Instagram. And secondly, because I often get compliments on my photos – all the more so since I take them by myself. Suddenly, I wanted to combine you what I learned during all these years to “pose” in photo.

How to pose in photos if I’m not photogenic

There is this idea that people are photogenic and others aren’t. I think everyone can find themselves in front of the camera and be sublimated.

I think what can be uncomfortable for some is that the photo exposes, captures a moment. A photo leaves a trace, sometimes even embodies a truth (more or less ephemeral). Also, sometimes seeing yourself through the eyes of the other can lead to a feeling of strangeness, of “is it really me in the photos ?”

Taking a photo is work. Sometimes THE photo will be the first we take, but it’s rare. I see it in the shootings I do, out of 100, 200 photos, I only keep 10%. This is completely normal. A beautiful photo, a beautiful portrait requires a lot of parameters :

  • technical parameters : the camera and its settings, the decor, the lights, the framing, etc.
  • human parameters : the pose, the state of mind in which the person is, etc.

In summary, taking photo requires training. Personally, I learned on the job, I “hacked” and obviously, the photos of 2020 have nothing to do with that of 2015 – luckily, you tell me ! This experience is embodied by a process that brings its share of learnings and improvements. So take the time to train, try it out, see what works for you, etc.

how to pose photoshow to pose photoshow to pose

How to pose in the photos of your blog ?

Obviously, when certain technical parameters are generally mastered (I am not an expert and sometimes, I am “wrong” but it’s ok !), It remains to work on the human parameters – the reason you landed on this post. So how to be comfortable in photos, how to place your body, etc. ?

Here are 8 tips on how to pose in photos from your blog or social medias :

Do a shoot with a professional photographer

Personally, what really helped me was shooting with a professional photographer in a studio. This experience takes me back to 2016 (see my Photo-Révélation post) now and this moment really changed the way I approach the photography.

At first, I was able to refine what I had understood about the pose and above all, I was able to capture what the other could see of me through his/her lens and allowed me to refine my identity and style.

You can find out more at Happy Days Studio, Bokeh Graphik or Dybo Picsandlove.

Learn to breathe

The way you breathe will influence the result of your photos. So, yes, you have to breathe but in a specific way. Favor the ventral breathing which will be deeper and relaxing for the body. Personally, I inhale with the nose and I exhale through the mouth – which helps to relax the facial features and avoid this “pinched” side.

Know your best profile

We all have one that we prefer. Put it forward – even if you have the impression of not varying your poses from one shoot to another. Choose what makes you comfortable.

Do not sit in front of the device

A piece of advice which can seem easy but I note that the best photos are those where I am not in front of the camera (body or face). Put yourself slightly at an angle or 3/4 to bring movement to the photo, effortless vibe and also, refine your silhouette.

Create an imbalance

In addition to the previous point, I find that crossing legs or having a leg on which my weight is not supported brings lightness to the photo. The photographer’s advice is that the foot which is in the foreground must always be the “light” foot, that is to say where the weight is not.

Do something with your arms

Let’s talk about these arms, which sometimes bother us ! What to do with it ? Posing with your hand on the hip is a bit classic but can be used. If not, slip your thumb in your pocket, pretend to roll up or arrange your sleeves, play with your hair, grab the branch of your glasses if you are wearing some, etc. In any case, it is important to create a space between your arm and your body to bring lightness and structure to your photo.

Lift chin

Slightly lifting the chin helps to refine the face and avoid the “double chin” effect. This also makes it possible to better expose the face to light.

Place your tongue

A “secret” which is transmitted behind the scenes of shootings ! So, to avoid the double chin effect mentioned above, you can stick your tongue to your palate which will help refine your face.

Also, when you smile, you can place your tongue behind your upper teeth. In addition to making a pretty smile, if a piece of tongue protrudes you will play a playful, sexy touch.

Playing with the eyes

My favorite game ! Looking at a photo can be a game-changer. You don’t have to watch the lens all the time. Your eyes must wander over each of the photos in order to create different levels of intensity, different atmospheres, in short, a different emotion.

The look is the ultra fun side of the photo, to capture the one you want to be the time of this photo !

how to pose

How to make erotic or sexy photos ?

This will not have escaped you, a good part of my photos come to capture the erotic side of the woman.

If you want to get started in this type of shoot, here are some additional tips on how to pose in the photos :

  • highlight your erotic features : whether through makeup that will further define a mouth or look, hair, etc.
  • choose your outfit : lingerie, for example, but also certain clothes or deshabillés that will come and play with what I reveal and what I do not reveal.
  • create an atmosphere : I love to shoot this type of photo during golden hour because the light is softer, warmer, and creates an even more favorable atmosphere for this type of photo.
  • get comfortable : I always shoot with music that inspires the emotion I want to convey in my photos.

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