Gluten and dairy free chocolate fondant

This gluten and dairy chocolate fondant is a flagship dessert in my repertoire that EVERYONE loves ! My friends are always looking forward to it during the evening, my best friend claims it, in short, it is a great success every time. The special feature is the addition of a little sea salt flower which enhances the taste of dark chocolate. However, if you don’t have an adventurous soul, you can abstain.

This recipe is relatively simple to make and this cake can even be made in individual format that you can freeze.

To make this gluten and dairy free chocolate fondant, I found gluten and dairy free chocolate – which was a real obstacle course. They do not exist in all stores. Some are not necessarily suitable for cooking. I found mine in the Bio C Bon Renard store in Paris.

Gluten and dairy free chocolate fondant


3 eggs

125 g whole cane sugar

200 g pastry chocolate

100 g coconut oil

30 g coconut flour or whole rice

1tsp sea salt

Preheat the oven to 180°C on rotating heat.

Beat the eggs with the whole cane sugar until the mixture becomes frothy.

Melt the a pastry chocolate with coconut oil with the technique of bain-marie.

Pour the melted chocolate over the egg-sugar mixture and beat. Add the flour and finish homogenizing the preparation.

Pour the dough into an oiled and floured (with rice flour obviously) mold.

Bake between 15 and 20 minutes. The heart must still be melting.

Let cool before delicately unmolding (it can break more easily because gluten-free is always more crumbly).

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