How to find inspiration for your blog ?

how to find inspirationhow to find inspiration for your blog

How to find inspiration for your blog ? When you have a blog, Instagram account, etc., fear of the blank page can take hold. The lack of inspiration is as much feared as that of the writer because the digital does not like the lack of regularity, the absence of new content, etc.

After several years of blogging, my entourage or people I meet often ask me how I always have something to publish on the blog. I must admit that this is a question that crosses me often because there are periods when the mind has more or less availability to create.

how to find inspiration for your bloghow to find inspiration

How to find inspiration : Blogging and motivation

Why this topic ? Simply because in the past few weeks, I have felt that I am losing my routine with the blog. Even if my publication schedule is generally respected, I do not feel at ease in its management. It is a big organization and sometimes carrying out several projects at the same time may seem impossible. The energy is fragmented and I have the impression of being scattered, of being ineffective, etc. And above all, I always wonder how to find inspiration for the blog !

I think these moments can be associated with a drop in motivation or a questioning on : “what do I do”, “why do I do it”, “how do I do it”. In the end, what does all this mean to me ? Do I want to continue ? Why ? Etc.

Personally, even if my blog is very beauty oriented, I never wanted to chain product reviews. First, because neither my hair nor my skin can test everything. Secondly, I always wonder what is the added value of this type of post, that is to say what do I bring back in terms of content and idea ? How do I make a difference in a world where there are so many of us ?

I don’t think I’m the only one going through an “less comfortable” period when it comes to blogging and sharing content. So, I wanted to ask myself and reflect on what I learned during these years of blogging, what advice I could give if it was a blogger friend who came to me with this problem in order to bring together several solutions both for me but also for you who have arrived there.

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How to find inspiration for your blog ?

The blogosphere is an ultra-competitive environment. Even if I remain convinced that there is room for everyone, exclusives, previews, etc. wriggle the web. Being one of the first people to put forward a subject, a product, a style…offers a gain, sometimes enormous, in terms of visibility.

Whether we are 6 months blogging or 6 years old, this universe needs to be renewed. This involves constant questioning, intense brainstorming sessions, etc. So how do you find inspiration for your blog through interesting topics ?

Vary the subjects

Even if at the beginning, our blog put forward a passion or a targeted interest (fashion, beauty, cooking, etc.). We need, in general, to vary the subjects that we approach otherwise the weariness can settle. Above all, don’t be afraid to take a different direction. We are subjects that are constantly evolving so, yes, of course that this digital space that we are creating can take a new trajectory.

Our blog is our space so let’s color it in our image !

Highlight its originality

When I say “originality”, it is in the sense : “what makes us who we are ?” Even if the web and especially Instagram tend to homogenize everything, readers, subscribers follow us for a reason. What makes us unique in their eyes somehow ?

Do not melt into a mass thinking “this is what earns likes” because you will get lost and above all, you will forget the notions of pleasure and passion that make any blog a blog.

Organize an editorial schedule

Personally, this allows me to have an overview of what I do over the month, or even the year ! It is also a means of informing the key moments of the year and of being able to organize subjects and content according to these periods.

Make lists of themes, keywords, etc. See according to your desires, products maybe you receive, etc. in order to offer an attractive “menu” !

In addition, having a schedule offers the possibility of modulating the subjects. Well, last month, I talked a lot about that, maybe I can direct the content to another topic that I have neglected a bit lately.

Bonus, to optimize its referencing in search engines, regularity in your publications is essential.

To empty

The blank page can be scary but on the other hand, it is a new canvas on which we can start. Ideas often emerge. Ask yourself : why do you create content ? What are you interested in ? What would you like to read or discover?

Look around

Inspiration can come anytime, anywhere. Personally, I try to keep my senses open (eyes, ears, etc.) because there may be something I could pick up at a time that will tilt me.

Get inspiration from content creators

Getting inspired does not mean copying, I want to make it clear. We can also feed on what other bloggers or content creators are doing. This can open up our perspectives and give us more ideas.

For example, one of the first bloggers to inspire me was Valentine from the blog Hello, it’s Valentine in the sense that she took (and still does) most of her photos alone. It opened a door for me and I said to myself “why not do my photos alone too”. So, certainly, it is an exercise which is not always easy but I gained freedom for the organization of my fashion shoots.

Ask loved ones

The majority of my friends are not very consumers of blogs and Youtube, it allows to have more neutral exchanges and especially to have ideas or questions that arise. From these exchanges can be born new ideas which can be used as support for posts !

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