Camomile Skincare for sensitive skincare

Camomile skincare products are products that we regularly find in cosmetics because camomile has several good benefits for the skin.

Camomile skincare : which benefits ?

Camomile is very rich in property to pamper our skin, or even treat it. Here are the cases in which its use is recommended for :

  • relieve the symptoms caused by first-degree burns and sunburns. Camomile is an excellent anti-inflammatory that also serves as a mild pain reliever and coolant. It prevents infection in the affected part of the body thanks to its natural antiseptic power.
  • to decongest puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Cold compresses of camomile are a good solution because, because of the anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties.
  • to clean the skin. Because of its ability to reduce inflammation, fight bacteria and relieve pain.
  • to lighten the skin.

The camomile can therefore be used in several forms : oil, infusion, floral water, etc. Choose it organic when you buy it.

Personally, I regularly use camomile floral water to pamper my skin and reduce the diffuse redness that I tend to have daily.

camomile skincare

Gift idea for sensitive skin

If you are like me and like to wear make-up or if someone you love likes to wear make-up, it’s very important not to skip the make-up step. The Body Shop has thought of a gift perfectly suited for beauty addicts. This kit of products with chamomile has been specially designed to eliminate the waterproof makeup gently.

The 123 Chamomile Makeup Remover Kit consists of :

This iconic Camomile duo has been formulated with soothing camomile and adapted to sensitive skin as well as to lens wearers. Camomile cleansers are enriched with chamomile extract from Norfolk, England.

How to use this makeup remover ?

On dry skin, Sweep the eye make-up remover over eyes with a cotton pad to gently remove all eye make-up. Then, take some Cleansing Butter on the dry skin and emulsify by massaging the face with warm water, which becomes milky in contact with the butter. Damp the muslim cloth in warm water and remove the makeup with it.

If necessary, continue with micellar water (do not forget to rinse it !) And your moisturizing routine.

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