Christmas coffee and new Melitta Pour Over

christmas coffee

Even more than usual, the holiday season makes us want to enjoy hot drinks. Today, I share a little idea to turn your coffee into a Christmas coffee !

Christmas coffee : recipe idea

There are more Christmas teas than Christmas coffees on the shop shelves – however, that does not stop us from creating our own blends. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can add various spices. For the most curious, I invite you to make a spicy coffee recipe that I made during a trip to Morocco – at a craftsman who made custom coffee. For this version of Christmas, I add a touch of chocolate for the treat !

Christmas coffee with spices – the recipe


1 pack of coffee of your choice (about 125g)

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 cc of grounded cardamom

1 cc unsweetened cocoa powder

Place your coffee in your usual airtight container. Add spices and chocolate and mix well.

Reserve in the fridge few days before using.

christmas coffee

Gift idea for coffee lovers

In early 2019, I told you about the new Melitta Pour Over range. At the end of the year, I found the perfect gift for coffee lovers : the pastel Pour Over kit*.

As a reminder, the technique of Pour Over or manual filter coffee offers a break and allow us to take more time in our busy days. With this new line in pastel colors, the hygge mood is even more at the rendez vous. Find the iconic teapot and filter porcelain in yellow, blue, pink or taupe.

The kit includes a porcelain carafe with lid and a matching porcelain filter holder with side inspection openings. The filter has a double flow, that is two outlets for the simultaneous preparation of two cups of coffee – speed and accuracy to the key. The carafe has a capacity of 0.6 liter – enough to treat several friends a good cup of coffee.

Choose the model that inspires you for a cocooning moment snuggled under a blanket !

Melitta Pastel Pour Over Kit 44,95 €
* Product offered by the brand

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