2019 Christmas Gift Sets : Penhaligon’s fragrances

christmas gift sets

Discover with me many gift sets by the famous British Perfumer, Penhaligon’s, for these holiday season with my 2019 selection of Christmas gift sets and gift ideas.

Penhaligon’s 2019 Christmas Gift Sets

The British celebrate Christmas like no-one else , with a touch of extravagance that we find at Penhaligon’s. For 2019, the brand has created four beautiful gift sets and three more affordable gift ideas. These fragranced and elegant boxes contain the most popular creations.

The packaging is adorned with gold and red for a vintage chic look that will sublimate your home decor and your Christmas tables. On large boxes, you can also have fun checking if the person was wise or not !

christmas gift sets

2019 Christmas Gift Sets : Penhaligon’s for Her

Miniature fragrance set for her Penhaligon’s – 42 €

The woman according to Penhaligon’s will dress herself with these five iconic miniatures of the house. Even though many women are faithful in terms of perfumes, others like to change depending on their mood, their outfits, etc. For Penhaligon’s, iIt’s a lady’s prerogative to change her mind, after all !

This luxurious box includes the five most popular fragrances : Artemisia, Elisabethan Rose, Empressa, Halfeti and Luna.

Penhaligon’s Elisabethan Rose Gift Set – 170 €

This juice was reformulated in 2019 and is honored for this festive season. Celebrate Christmas in Tudor England era with the bouquet of roses captured by this fragrance. The eau de parfum and body and hands lotion unite to make the perfect wedding.

The set includes Eau de Parfum (100ml) and Body & Hand Lotion (300ml).

2019 Christmas Gift Sets : Penhaligon’s for Him

Miniature fragrance boxes for him Penhaligon’s – 42 €

The Penhaligon’s man is a neat Gentleman, urban who also has the right to have an assortment of perfumes to accompany him during the festive period. Five legendary fragrances make up this set.

For 2019, we find : Blenheim Bouquet, Endymion, Halfeti, Juniper Sling and Quercus in 5 ml, enough to make your choice for later.

Halfeti Penhaligon’s Gift Box – 205 €

This gift set is dedicated to travel lovers ! Back in time, in the 19th century but also a superb trip on the Trade Routes of Penhaligon’s. Halfeti are black roses grown on the banks of the Euphrates. The fragrance stirs the senses with its exotic flowers, spices, soft leathers and precious fabrics. It’s a bit of the scent of love !

The box includes Eau de Parfum (100ml) and Body & Hand Wash Gel (300ml).

christmas gift sets

Crackers & ornaments

Typical in the British tradition, Penhaligon’s also thought of crackers and ornaments to slide on the tree. These compositions are perfect for last minute small touches or for tight budgets who want to afford a little of this English luxury.

For the Leading Man Cracker (for him) – 32 €

A triumphant trinity, the Edymion fragrance, is available in this cracker with the cologne (10ml), the shower gel (30ml) and the body lotion (30ml).

For the Starry-Eyed Cracker (for her) – 32 €

The mischievous moon goddess is hidden in this cracker. Inside are three mini-delights of the Luna fragrance : the perfume (10ml), the shower gel (30ml) and the body lotion (30ml). A Christmas dream come true.

For a festive adornment – 22 €

Such glorious love must be displayed with pride…On the tree at a minimum ! A beautiful bauble – yes – but the real magic lies in the Halfeti fragrance : a miniature eau de toilette Halfeti (5ml) and a matching shower gel (30ml).

Other gift ideas

Penhaligon’s also offers several ranges for home, shower and bath. I invite you to discover the beautiful candles created in parallel of the Portraits exclusive collection. For the bath, I have a crush on the Savoy Steam range which is extremely pleasant.

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