How to create a make up with a highlighter ?

how to create a makeup with a highlighterhow to create a makeup with a highlighter
Today, I wanted to share with you a post on how to create a make up with a highlighter ? Indeed, with the strobbing trend that emerged a few years ago – the highlighter has become a flagship of our makeup vanities. Here are my tips for getting the most out of it !

How to create a make up with a highlighter ?

Its primary use is primarily for the complexion. You will apply it on the top of the cheeks, the brow bone, etc. to give light, glow as they say in the jargon, to your complexion. Today we can really have fun with this product so here is how I create a look that is created around a highlighter.

For the complexion

As you can see in the video, there are several areas of the face where I apply the highlighter :

  • the top of the cheeks,
  • the bridge of the nose,
  • the tip of the nose.

If you want to apply more, this is possible : especially at the forehead and chin. Personally, I find that it does not enhance my face any more. It’s up to you to try !

To apply the product, I prefer a fairly fine brush for the precision of the gesture and avoid putting the product where I do not want it. Little tip, always remember to tap your brush in order to remove the excess product before application.

For the eyes

It is now possible to create eye makeup with a highlighter. Here are the areas where I like to apply it :

  • the brow bone to open your eyes,
  • the mobile eyelid to create a frosted look,
  • the inner hollow of the eye to illuminate the makeup.

In this tutorial, I create an eye makeup for you using a magnificent highlighter with champagne undertones. It almost brings a metallic touch to the look. However, I like to structure my eyelid with a matte eyeshadow to create depth and a touch of pencil (here plum) to enhance the lash line.

For the lips

We can also have fun with the lips area. To accentuate the shape of the lips and the contrast with the lipstick that we are going to wear, you can apply highlighter at :

  • Cupid’s bow, on the upper lip,
  • the lips.

Then, to transform your lip makeup, it is possible to apply the highlighter with your finger in order to give a more satiny side to your lips. As I show here, it changes everything !

How to create a make up with a highlighter : which product to choose ?

Obviously, everything is played with the choice of the highlighter. Here, I use one of my favorites of the year, the Highlighting Powder Glow from Anne Marie Börlind. In addition to being organic, vegan with an impeccable formulation, its texture is ultra fine and can be completely built in intensity according to our desires.

Its champagne color highlights all skin tones and eye colors. It really magnifies the face in the blink of an eye.

Want to get started ?

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