Natural deodorant : the brand Respire

natural deodorant

Discovered in the September Birchbox, the natural deodorant Respire intrigued me a lot. After a few tests, I wanted to talk to you about it here !

Natural deodorant : the brand Respire

Respire is a young brand created by Justine Hutteau who had the idea to conceptualize a natural deodorant after discovering a benign tumor in her chest. Indeed, when we take a closer look at what we apply to the skin, deodorants are not very good students. Few are healthy, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Respire was born following a crowdfunding campaign that helped launch its production.

Today, the brand declines two products :

  • the deodorant and
  • SPF.

Respire is an innovative brand that offers products made in France, vegan, natural and recyclable that will gradually develop its references.

Natural deodorant : the Respire collection

Respire deodorantss come in two sizes :

  • classic format (50ml) and
  • travel size (15ml).

Three fragrances exist :

  • green tea,
  • Orange Blossom,
  • lemon bergamot.

natural deodorant

My opinion on the Respire deodorant

Personally, deodorants are products with which I have been fighting for a long time. Indeed, since high school, I no longer buy in supermarkets after allergic reactions. I tested ones from drugstore, some ranges in perfumery. And for almost four years, I use the same with aloe vera from The Body Shop. My skin reacts well to this formula – even if it is not the most natural on the market.

I tested solid deodorants (Lamazuna, Schmidt’s…), none could take care of my armpits. Let’s be honest, when we have to raise our arms, we appreciate having a nice, smooth skin, etc.

With Respire, I found what I needed. The formula is very soft. I do not have any irritation or this phenomenon that makes my skin thicken and makes it gray (yes, it’s not very glamorous but beauty and care is all that). I find that the formula respects the natural balance of the body – that is to say that it will not completely block sweat but will rather help regulate and prevent odors.

I tested two flavors : green tea and orange blossom. Green tea is the one with the most discreet fragrance. The one with the orange blossom has a smell a little more marked but which remains delicate and light. I have not opted for bergamot lemon because I am afraid that the presence of essential oils – even in small quantities, do not make me react.

What I like is the possibility of buying a nomadic format : perfect to slip in the purse, the sports bag or in a suitcase.

As for the price, it’s quite affordable. We are in the classic price range for a natural and eco-friendly deodorant.

In short, I find deodorant an easy product to change for a more natural routine while being effective.

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