2020 wedding trend : wedding fashion show at le Printemps

I meet you to talk about wedding and more precisely what awaits us for the 2020 wedding trend. Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Wedding Fashion Show at Printemps Haussmann again. Follow me and come put glitter in your eyes…

2020 wedding trend

For bridal dresses, we find again a bohemian chic style. The novelty for 2020 lies in more fluid cuts, vaporous or very fashion with the return of balloon sleeves, example. The backs are revealed and seen. Transparency highlights the silhouettes of our beautiful brides.

Silver and gold blend with fabrics and embroidery for a touch of glamor.

In 2019/2020, the designers of bridal dresses add a rather practical and design touch : pockets to your future wedding dress. If it was my dress, I would personally have pockets ! In addition, for photos, it allows to play with a style a little more assertive.

Bridal costumes are also always a trend to follow – with even very summery variations for pool parties (favorite for the holding of In The Frow for her wedding in France).

Finally glitter suits and pants are also trendy : who will dare this choice and thus follow the trend?

2020 wedding trend

2019/2020 Printemps Wedding Fashion Show

The Printemps Haussmann offers the space Maria Luisa Wedding with a selection of exceptional designers in exclusivity. The place is sublime and offers a haven of chic and luxury where each bride can find her dream dress!

You will find : Alon Livne WhiteCastillan GranadosCOSTARELLOS, Dana HarelDanielle FrankelNaeem Khan

The space is located on the 6th floor of the Printemps Haussmann, at the same level as the lingerie. A very important thing to remember: find the right lingerie for the right dress. An unsuitable undergarment will not sublimate the silhouette and the outfit as a whole.

Le Printemps also offers all the beauty that a future bride could wish for : hairdresser with the salon Coiffirst under the dome of Printemps and beautiful brands of cosmetics for all that is makeup.

2020 wedding trend2020 wedding trend2020 wedding trend2020 wedding trend2020 wedding trend2020 wedding trend

Wedding animations

For this season, le Printemps had brought together several brands to carry out various workshops DIY and beauty, as well as wedding providers.

Guerlain offered a beauty workshop to test the latest trends and new make-up launches, as well as to discover its brides to be wedding services.

Dyson was doing a hairdressing workshop and talking about their new product : the Dyson Aiwrap Complete which consists of Airwrap and six accessories : 30mm barrels, 40mm barrels, firm smoothing brush, soft smoothing brush, round volumosing brush and pre styling dryer (can replace a hair dryer for short and/or fine hair).

O.P.I offered a massage with the professional range O.P.I Pro Spa.

Matthieu & Pauline aroused treats with a mini ice cream cone workshop and a custom donut wall.

AŸ Cactus broke the codes with a custom creation of paper flowers. A decorative idea to keep in mind for the wedding !

Party assumes balloons and I discovered Envol Paris which offers festive creations around balloons (but not only) for your life events.

This year, we had My Bougie Lab again, which allows you to customize candles for your wedding and even create candles to offer to your guests.

In addition to all these workshops, a Photo Booth space with SharingBox was available with a nice setting.

There were also the following providers : Printemps Voyages, Printemps Listes et Zankyou.

Pictures of the fashion show by Chloé Fayollas

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