Lugira Skin Cleaner : try & opinions

Lugira Skin Cleaner

The Lugira Skin Cleaner, or blackhead cleaner, is a product that has circulated a lot on social networks. I had the opportunity to test this little machine, here is my feedback!

Lugira Skin Cleaner : the product

The Skin Cleaner* is a small vacuum cleaner for blackheads but not only. The device comes with 4 ends that each have a specific use :

  • the small round tip : to suck the blackheads and impurities from the skin of the small places (hollow of the nose for example),
  • the large round tip : to suck the blackheads and impurities from the skin on larger surfaces (chin, forehead…),
  • the micro crystalline tip : to exfoliate and cleanse the skin (I personally avoid the eye and lip contour),
  • the oval tip : to smooth and massage the fine lines of the face.

The Skin Cleanser features IPL technology (Intense Pulsed Light) which is a blue light that will help tighten pores, revitalize skin and fight redness and brown spots.

The kit also includes a charging cable, small filter tips, a comedo gun and a user manual.

Lugira Skin Cleaner

How to use the Skin Cleaner ?

The use is very simple. Just choose the tip that we want to use and press the button to start his care. The intensity is flexible : soft, normal and strong.

I invite you to do a test on the hand to check the intensity because even in the “soft” mode, the device is quite intense and it may surprise.

The best time to use the Skin Cleaner is, in my opinion, after a hot shower or facial steam bath to open the pores. I like to finish my session of care with IPL technology. To do this, simply press the button long enough and the blue light will come on. I use it for about 5 minutes.

Finally, it is very important to clean the tip used with a Q-tip and alcohol for example.

My opinion ?

After watching the videos on the web, I had a lot of expectations about this device. After use, the skin looks perfect without any imperfections. Except that in reality, the result is not so magical. The Lugira Skin Cleaner will not turn the skin overnight. It is more of a skincare machine.

On my skin, the Skin Cleaner does not really aspire blackheads because I have not enough and those which I have are really small. However, I think that for more problematic skin – this can be a solution to maintain the skin in a more targeted way.

Here are the real performances of Skin Cleaner :

  • allows to treat the wings of the nose and the cheeks where the pores are generally a little dilated,
  • the blackheads pulls provided in the kit is very effective,
  • provides deep chin cleansing,
  • have an action preventing the first signs of aging: fine lines and firmness.

In terms of frequency of use, so as not to disturb too much the balance of the skin, I think once every 10 or 15 days.

After a few weeks, the skin is visibly smoother, the pores are tightened and the blackheads decrease.

Price : 69,90 € on the Lugira website
*product offered by the brand

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