Butter of Bretagne : discovering of LE GALL

butter of bretagne

Butter of Bretagne, a product of our regions that is an essential part of French gastronomy. To be perfectly honest, it’s been years since I didn’t almost eat butter. However, I had the opportunity to be invited by the company LE GALL to visit one of their factories and I rediscovered the pleasure of butter !

Butter of Bretagne : the house LE GALL

The house LE GALL exists since 1923 and is based in Quimper. This family business is committed to highlighting the know-how of their region and their employees to support an old-fashioned manufacture of butters and creams – in addition to milk. LE GALL supports local employment in its factories in Brittany and shares the passion of their profession.

The company works closely with their suppliers of milks and creams within a hundred kilometers of the dairy. So we are on a short circuit.

For many products, LE GALL is committed to an environmental program such as its organic milk, where cows graze for at least 8 months.

butter of bretagne

Butter of Bretagne : what is churned butter

LE GALL butters are exclusively made in barrel tumbler. This is a traditional manufacturing process where a slow mixing of fresh creams takes place for an exceptional result.

At the LE GALL dairy factory, the follow-up of this essential manufacturing phase is entrusted to the Masters Buttermills. We had the opportunity to meet Philippe Nataf who shared his very rich and fascinating experience. He also made us taste butter out of the churn : what a treat ! A true regressive experience that feels so good !

Made from selected fresh creams, slowly matured and churned, LE GALL butters are made in the old barrel tumbler, after more than 15 hours of creaming. They are 100% natural, without dye or preservative. Churned butters are more yellow, fruity, unctuous and with flavors that can vary depending on the year (spring butter will have a different taste because of what the cows have eaten).

The house has different ranges :

  • seasonal butters : make it possible to distinguish spring-churning butters (in unsalted and slightly salted versions).
  • Butters from Baratte : They are made from selected fresh creams, slowly matured and churned after more than 15 hours of maturing. We find the Traditional Round (unsalted, slightly salted, salt crystals),
  • Churn Molded (unsalted and slightly salted) and butter tub format (unsalted and slightly salted).
  • Grand Cru butters : produced exclusively using unpasteurised raw creams. They are more fragile and do not keep as long. These are the most flavoursome butters. We find the butter tub format (unsalted and slightly salted) and the moulded Grand Cru (unsalted, slightly salted, salt crystals)

The organic range of LE GALL

THE GALL has also declined an organic range that I could taste. These butters are made from organic matured cream, churned in the old fashioned way. It is composed :

  • the butter tub format (unsalted and salt crystals),
  • the moulded organic (unsalted and salt crystals),
  • the Grand Cru (unsalted and salt crystals) and
  • the Traditional Round (unsalted).

My favorite is the “bread-butter” : a good tradition baguette and slightly salter butter, I completely fall for it !

butter of bretagne

Butter and dietetics

Butter does not have a good reputation when it comes to dietetics. Indeed, it is a fat – from animal, which must be limited to be healthy. However, butter contains interesting nutrients and vitamins. It is possible to consume – while remaining reasonable in its proportions.

Personally, I think that when we eat a product of good quality, here, a butter of tradition and not industrial, the taste is at the rendez-vous. We have a deep satisfaction that allows us to have a little more control in the quantities – I am sure. Eat less but better and especially rediscover the true taste of food.

I also think that when I eat something more caloric, as much as it is luxury calories. So butter, yes, but a Grand Cru churned butter !

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