Mirabelle cake and pink biscuits from Reims

mirabelle cakemirabelle cake

Mirabelle plums arrived on the markets and I could not resist to bake a mirabelle cake. I wanted to give it a touch of originality by using the pink biscuits of Reims that I particularly like.

The result is ultra soft and mellow and rich in fruit. Do not hesitate to test it !

Mirabelle cake and pink biscuits from Reims


3 eggs

1 plane yogurt

130g of complete flour

100g of muscovado sugar

50g of pink biscuits powder Fossier

10g of baking soda

500g of mirabelle plums

Rinse the mirabelle plums and cut in half. Put them in a saucepan with a bottom of water and about a tablespoon of muscovado sugar. Once mixed, let the fruits cool down.

Put the yoghurt in a large salad bowl. Add the eggs and mix everything to obtain a homogeneous base.

Pour the flour and the yeast. Mix. Then finish with the sugar.

Add the mirabelle sauce to the previous preparation.

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