Easy Eyes Makeup : eyeshadow sticks

Easy Eyes Makeup

Everyday, I’m a fan of easy eyes makeup : I want fast, efficient and compact. My trick ? Eyeshadow sticks !

Easy Eyes Makeup: eyeshadow sticks

Eyeshadow sticks are eyeshadows with a creamy formula. That’s what makes it sticky – almost like a lipstick.

Many brands have declined this product to meet the demand of consumers. There is therefore for all budgets and desires : matte, shimmery or glittery.

Easy Eyes MakeupEasy Eyes Makeup

Eyeshadow stick : The Body Shop new launches

Recently, The Body Shop brand has launched two new shades in its range of Eye Colour Stick. The new colors are perfect for everyday use :

  • Barbuda Rose Shells : a shimmery pink,
  • Aruba Palm : a shimmery copper.

The Body Shop eye shadows are enriched with fair trade Babassu oil and beeswax that makes their formula creamy and very pleasant to apply. The applicator is perfect, neither too thick nor too thin. It even allows to build a graphic makeup.

The formula is well pigmented and the lasting is impeccable – the makeup is even waterproof. In addition, the composition is 100% vegetarian.

How to use eyeshadow stick ?

What I like to do with eyeshadow stick is to apply it on the entire eyelid and I blend it with a brush to avoid having a line too marked at the level of the eyes. For a smokey effect, I will add product at the level of the lower line of the eyelashes that I will come to blend also afterwards for a more smoked effect. Then just apply your favorite mascara and your look is ready.

I use it by its own or sometimes combined with a powder eyeshadow to create more intensity on the eyes. The eye shadow stick is perfect to serve as a base for a makeup more worked and just as easy to achieve.

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