5 reasons to choose a soap bar rather than shower gel

reasons to choose a soap bar

Since a few months, I gradually stopped the shower gels and I will share some reasons to choose a soap bar rather than a shower gel on a daily basis !

Whether morning or evening, the shower is a moment of relaxation, we like the foam, the perfumes, etc. Shower gels have taken a large part of the hygiene market with their colorful packaging, their exotic fragrances and sometimes some cosmetic benefits. However, shower gels are not our best friends everyday. I will explain why.

reasons to choose a soap bar

5 reasons to choose a soap bar rather than a shower gel


One of the first reasons is that we tend to use too much product at the time of the shower (just like the shampoo). To use too much, our skin loses its hydrolipidic film that protects it and will be more fragile and prone to irritation or redness. In addition, the compositions of shower gels are less clean with chemicals and or derivatives of petrochemicals…Honestly, who wants to put an ingredient from oil on his/her skin ?

The trial that is done to solid soaps is that they tug or mistreat sensitive skin. This is not usually the case, for everyday use, solid soaps are very soft and rich in glycerin, which moisturizes and softens the skin.


To use too much product without noticing it, we consume more product. Indeed, if you look well in the aisles of supermarkets or stores, almost no bottle with pumps apart when they can be one-liter cans – often of biological origin.

We can say that the manufacturers have played well. The life of a shower gel bottle rarely exceeds more than a month whereas a thick soap bar can last up to 3 or 4 months for a lower price.

Info : Showering with a shower gel would be at least three times more expensive than using a solid soap. We can take advantage of savings made to favor organic soaps, sometimes more expensive to buy but better for health !


Liquid soaps contain water (look at the first ingredient that is usually “aqua”). This makes them less durable than solid soaps. Because of this formulation, manufacturers must add preservatives so that they perish less quickly.

Solid soaps do not contain preservatives, so less toxic substances (especially parabens). And even that way you can keep them longer than shower gels.

My advice is to have a soap dish to dispose the soap to prevent it from “melting” by staying in the humid atmosphere of the shower. Personally, I use mine and after I let it dry on the soap dish, away from the shower.


Soaps produce almost no waste. Indeed, the majority of them are wrapped in paper or cardboard – which is much better than plastic bottles from the shower gels. To go further in zero waste, some organic or bulk stores offer to cut soap without packaging. Just think about bringing your container.

In addition, the majority of them are vegan and cruelty free (when we are on organic).

Soaps are ideal for traveling

When we travel, we are all confronting the limit of liquid products to take away in the hand luggage and the space we have. Carrying a solid soap solves this problem in the blink of an eye. It is much more compact than a shower gel, for longer use. And, we do not have the worry of the flask that explodes in the suitcase.

No more need to buy miniatures, often very expensive and not very green. Moreover, some brands of soap offer mini formats for even more ease.

Which soaps to choose ?

There is something for all tastes and budgets. The ideal would be to choose natural if not organic to benefit from assets to cocoon the skin.

The cold soap is the reference of the Slow Cosmétique. It is made in respect of vegetable oils and fats used for saponification. The oils are not heated or denatured, and the soap is rich in natural glycerin. The real cold soap is softer and less aggressive for the skin’s hydrolipidic film. A cold soap is a real “care” washing : it can contain soothing and conditioning oils such as calophyll, coconut, sweet almond, macadamia or shea butter. A good cold soap is surgras (there was added a little oil at the end of manufacture), it is often molded and cut by hand. It is perfect for cleaning the whole body. Some cold soaps are also suitable for the hair.

I have some brands that I discovered and that I like like :

  • Clémence & Vivien soaps : French brand of natural, organic and modern cosmetics.
  • Épimèdre soaps : French artisan soap.
  • Apotheke Co soaps : discovered during a trip to New York. They are made in Brooklyn, just like different body and interior products.
  • Claus Porto soaps : European house over 130 years old, Claus Porto offers soaps made in vintage packaging and perfumes from the country’s flowers. This brand wants to be luxurious and timeless.

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reasons to choose a soap bar


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