I’m curvy and I prefer bikinis

je suis pulpeuse et je préfère les maillots deux piècesbody positivebikinis

I’m curvy and I prefer bikinis. I never thought of writing that a few years ago and since last summer, I’m sure! Why? I will tell you.

I’m curvy and I prefer bikinis : why?

I grew up, like many of you, with the diktat: “the one piece swimsuit, it slims. It is better when you are curvy/fat”. Except that, if I’m honest with you, I never felt comfortable in these swimsuits… Notably in terms of chest! In one piece, there is no support, I never found one with armaturs that went up to my size. So, I was doing with a chest that was out of place – meaning, a little drooping. I think we all deserve to be well in swimsuits, comfortable, free of movement and especially sexy if we want! I find that the two pieces can structure the silhouette, to have lines that define our body shapes and accentuate our morphology. So I’m a fan of the high panties that will allow me to mark the size, highlight the “butt” while tumming the stomach. The bra can have a nice décolleté, support and not worry that our breasts are going whatever they want to!

Last summer, I dared! I could find my “big cups” bikini thanks to Art des Dessous. I also published this photo on Instagram when I was in Marrakech.

Yes, I did loose weight and I am largely reconciled with my body so I dared! I think we must stop the speech that this or that can “slim” us. If we want to wear an item of clothing, why deprive ourselves? If we are confident and this piece transforms us into a Super Woman, nothing should stop us – and even more a speech of “we say that…”.

Our body belong to us and we are the only ones who can tell how we feel with it. You will tell me: what about the magazines and social medias. Yes, magazines: everything is retouched! Sometimes it’s the same about Instagram but you also have poses and filters. We are far from the truth of the female body. So, I want to tell you to assume your forms – whatever your weight, your three hairs forget on your legs, your cellulite (I have it too and almost all women have – so relax!) , and many more! All these small things of life will not stop me from being who I am or what to do such and such thing !


My favorite pieces from Antigel

For this summer, I was able to discover a nice selection of bikinis in Martine’s shop: Un Amour de  Lingerie which I could talk to you here.

Printed, modern cuts, in short, there is something for everyone and even to the G cup! My favorite is a model definitely retro and pin-up (which will surprise you, right!) from Antigel by Lise Charmel.

This is the model Dolce Riva with white on black polka dots print (it also exists in coral on black polka dots). Its material is very comfortable to wear and very “resistant” which allows to have this sheathing effect I spoke. The cut is ideal: the high waist panties up to the navel with a nice knot that brings a touch of fantasy that we find also on the between-breasts bra. The bra, “basket shape”, perfectly enhances the breast. Bonus? The straps can be detached and tied like a bandeau model! I love the fact that we can have an option to change the style of the bra.

I feel like a pin-up straight out of a magazine of the 50s and I feel that I will enjoy my pretty bikini this summer !

And you, what do you prefer ? Bikinis or one pieces ?

Photos Bokeh Graphik Paris

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