Patchology : opinion on the face patches and masks


Patchology is a brand that has recently launched in Sephora. Being curious to discover their products, I take you to explore the concept of this brand.

Patchology : the brand

Patchology is a brand created around the idea that how to deliver the ingredients of a skincare can change everything. More than ten years ago, the founding team began developing patch technologies for the medical field. Today, the brand continues to expand this expertise to create products that work faster in targeted areas. Patchology creates products that follow our schedules, that we only have 5 minutes, we will find a care adapted to our rhythm of life.

The brand is available at Sephora. The brand wants to be accessible with products starting at €5.99 for some patches up to €40 for creams.


Patchology : Which face patches to test ?

Flash patch : Illuminating Eye Gel

Flashpatch are patches that will brighten up your eyes in just 5 minutes with FlashPatch® Illuminating Gel. This complex fights against hyperpigmentation and helps revive the microcirculation of this fragile area.

Tip : to put in the fridge before application for a tenfold freshness effect.

Kiss Kiss : Lip Perfection Duo

The Kiss Kiss patch is a patch that will rehydrate and soften the lips in the blink of an eye. In the kit, you’ll find a gloss that turns into a lasting nourishing balm thanks to the FlexMasque ™ complex. This patch protects the lips by sealing the beneficial assets inside.

Tip : to use before a party !

Breakout box : 3-in1 blemish fight hint kit

The Breakout box is a complete kit that wants to be the emergency kit in case of imperfections. It wants to eliminate acne, purify the skin and heal imperfections in a few hours. The brand has created a trio of patches, both gentle and effective as well as acne treatment tapes. Anti-inflammatory and bacteria-free ingredients (such as salicylic acid, tea tree oil and witch hazel) begin to form healing spots and unclog pores in just a few hours.

Tips : Use as soon as you feel a pimple point the tip of your nose.



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