How to decorate a fireplace ? The french touch

how to decorate a fireplacehow to decorate a fireplace

How to decorate a fireplace ? An element often present in old Parisian apartments and a piece that I love at home ! I share with you how I decorated mine.

How to decorate a fireplace

A condemned fireplace is a strong element in a room and can be used to give a real personality to your home.

To decorate a fireplace, there are some benchmarks that we can use.

How to decorate a fireplace: the Structure

At the level of the structure, it is possible to choose a triangular construction or a linear construction to organize your decorative elements.

For example, to create levels, choose elements of different height or create levels by superimposing books.

how to decorate a fireplacehow to decorate a fireplace

Colors and textures

Depending on the room where the fireplace is and the atmosphere created in the room, you can integrate a few touches of color to create a coherence with your interior.

At home, the room in which the fireplace is located has several wooden furniture (in addition to the wooden floor) and the color theme is organized around pink, gold and a small urban jungle. So I combined elements that recall this atmosphere.

Mirror, my beautiful mirror

I think having a mirror on the mantel, or hanging on the wall above, is a real plus. It dresses the wall and above all, it allows to enlarge the room. Personally, the owner has a large white mirror a little old that really opens the room that is smaller than the room.


If you have a power outlet nearby, I invite you to have a spare lamp on the fireplace. This brings a cozy and cocooning touch at the end of the day.

I also added a fairy light that I plug in the winter to add a little magical touch – especially during the holidays !

Decorative objects

It is on these objects that you will express your story, your personality. I added a bottle of perfume because I love it and it was perfect with the color theme. I added a glass fish that represents the abundance in feng shui and small souvenirs of New York (postcard) and a set of astrology cards.

Another piece that I am very fond of is the drum with the embroidered rose I made during a workshop with Studio Jonesie.

how to decorate a fireplacehow to decorate a fireplace

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