Orange Blossom Fragrance : L’Artisan Parfumeur Histoire d’Orangers

orange blossom fragrance

The orange blossom fragrance is a classic in the world of perfumery : accessible to all sensibilities, fresh, light…It is a note to which nobody is foreign. Today, I want to talk about a range that I particularly like and which I turn to every summer.

Orange Blossom fragrance : why is it so pleasing ?

The orange blossom fragrance is a note that touches everyone. It reminds us of our early childhood because orange blossom is often present in baby products, such as sweet almonds. It has this little something comforting and universal that makes it very accessible in the world of perfumery.

The orange blossom is a note that we find in many fragrances with vibes both fresh or more sustained depending on the creations.

Orange blossom is a mixed smell that appeals to women as well as men, young and less young !

orange blossom fragrance

L’Artisan Parfumeur Histoire d’Orangers

If there is a good scent of orange blossom that I can not live without when the summer arrives, it is Histoire d’Orangers from L’Artisan Parfumeur.

This perfume is a beautiful mixed citrus fragrance. Created by the perfumer Marie Salamagne, this fragrance is like an echo to an ingrained memory of the sunset atop the earth walls of Taroudant, Morocco.

The absolute of orange blossom is omnipresent, tender and luminous. Then comes the white tea petals that come to refresh the orange blossom. Musk and a touch of ambrox that give the sensation of a skin gently heated by the sun. Finally, the tonka bean, slightly almond-shaped, echoes the argan that is found everywhere in the Souss valley.

The creation takes height and embodies like a delicate cloud. It’s bright and pure – when you spray Histoire d’Orangers, it’s a bubble of freshness that explodes and decreases the temperature by a few degrees.

In addition to immerse myself in this creation, I invite you to discover the bath and body products that combine notes of orange blossom, musk and neroli:

  • Histoire d’Orangers Shower Gel : With its light and transparent texture, the foaming sower gel from L’Artisan Parfumeur softens the skin while leaving it velvety and delicately scented. Its formula is rich in vitamin E and without paraben or silicone. The shower gel can be used alone or in addition to the fragranced body lotion.
  • Histoire d’Orangers Body Lotion : this cream melts deliciously on the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant. The formula is also concentrated in vitamin E and without paraben or silicone. It can be applied alone or in the layering vibe that will complement your fragrance to intensify your scent trail.

orange blossom fragrance

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