Penhaligon’s Heartless Helen

heartless helen

At the beginning of September, we will discover two new olfactory portraits : Terrible Teddy and Heartless Helen from Penhaligon’s. These portraits are Chapter 7 of this story around iconic British characters.

Penhaligon’s Heartless Helen

Who is Helen ? This new female character ? Helen is a woman with firm intentions, not devoid of invention, good player…as long as she wins ! She has just met Teddy on a safari. A man to her taste. But when will she leave ? Thank God, the attraction is not always fatal. Helen intends to enjoy it.

Helen relies only on herself. “I was born to dominate your sex – and be the heroine of mine.” Did you say romance ? Let’s leave that to the Romantics – we know how they end up (rather depressed).

But conquests make the conquistador. And who would not adore a conquistadora ? And Helen loves to be loved !

Her fragrance is at her image : she has the look, she is seductive and sure of herselfa true mystical philter. Enchanting, irresistible, as magnetic as Helen, her fragrance could only release mystery and sensuality to capture the hearts of men.

In this creation, a top note of tangerine gives way to a refreshing tuberose in heart note before a creamy wood finish : the floral and woody fragrance of the intrepid conquistadora seduces everything in her path. Helen’s natural charm is multiplied by the opulent brilliance of this creation.

Heartless Helen will be sold at a price of 223 € 75ml.

heartless helen

My opinion

For this new fragrance, Penhaligon’s offers us a floral perfume for women – the ones I love the most.

Once again, the design of the bottle and the box is extremely worked. The bottle is decorated with a bird’s head – a parakeet in my opinion. The box invites us to the heart of the safari where Helen and Teddy met.

I find this addictive scent, there is something fascinating that invites us to want to discover more. The scent is rich, sweet while being fresh.

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heartless helen heartless helen


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