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absolution cosmetics

Absolution Cosmetics is a must-have brand when you enter the organic skincare market in France. I had the chance to share a moment of conviviality in their shop in the 10th arrondissement and I want to share what I discovered on this beautiful brand.

Absolution Cosmetics : the brand

Founded by Isabelle Carron, Absolution Cosmetics aims to offer a different approach to beauty with quality, effective, ecological and creative products. The brand is eager to establish a trustful relationship based on honesty with its customers.

The Absolution range is therefore designed to restore, preserve and protect the natural ecosystem of the skin. Organic skincare seeks to rebalance our tired and stressed epidermis, while providing effective nutrients and antioxidants to mitigate the effects of time.

All their products are organic certified by an organic label (Ecocert, Greenlife or Cosmos). The formulas are made from certified organic or wild plant extracts, minerals and vitamins. Absolution wants to put technology at the service of Nature to provide us with a care experience that wants to take care of us – not just our skin.

The bonus is that even the packaging of Absolution Cosmetics is thought with ecology : recyclable and without glue from petrochemicals. The brand is at the end of its commitment and philosophy.

The brand has a spa in its shop where you can discover many face and body treatments. The shop is really pretty and worth the detour!

The Absolution House
30 rue des Vinaigriers
75010 Paris.

Absolution Cosmetics : the ranges

In order to find your face routine, you can orientate according to your skin type, Absolution speaks of “skin mood“:

  • sensitive skin,
  • tired face,
  • oily skin,
  • dry skin,
  • blemish-prone skin.

Depending on how you feel your skin, it is possible to make the “Mix & Match”, that is to say combine two products with two different actions to bring all that is necessary for your skin to make it rebalances.

For body care, the brand is organized into two categories :

  • sensitive skin and
  • dry skin.

The brand offers a wide range of products ranging from :

  • face skincare : with cleansers and makeup removers, creams, serums, oils, masks and scrubs – not to mention the care of the lips.
  • make-up : with foundations and correctors, mascara and liner as well as lipsticks.
  • and body care : with soaps, shower and hair gels, scrubs, body moisturizers and hand care.

There is no man or woman range, everything is mixed. The products want to target our skin and condition – not our gender.

absolution cosmetics

My opinion

What I liked most about the concept of the brand is the fact of thinking in “skin mood. We forget all too often that our skin is an organ that goes through different phases, be it during the day, the week, the month, the year and all of life. It will not have the same needs according to these moments. Listening to the skin, its condition is a step towards a little more body awareness – let’s take the time to listen to us !

I like the clean and practical packaging to carry. It’s sober and minimalist.

Regarding the products I tested :

  • the Hand cream is a fairly thick cream that will deeply repair the hands. I find that the nails are stronger by using it. It penetrates quickly and does not leave a greasy film or sticky on the hands. It has a slightly aniseed smell (licorice) that is nice and fresh.
  • the Serum Anti-Soif is an ultra-refreshing product when applied – almost minty, even if the composition does not contain it. The aqueous texture is light on the skin and does not stifle it. The skin remains matte after application – so even oily skin can fill up with water ! This serum will bring a boost of hydration to the skin and help protect it.
  • the Soin Purifiant is the perfect clay mask that will help regulate skin imperfections. Personally, I use it in a targeted way – in particular on the T zone in order to tighten my pores and/or when I have some hormonal pimples.
  • the Crème Douce Démaquillante will cleanse and remove make-up. It is suitable for sensitive and dry skin and will pamper the skin while cleaning the impurities accumulated during the day. This is the indispensable element for a beautiful skin routine. Bonus : this cleaner does not sting your eyes !

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