Summer look for curvy women

summer look for curvy womensummer look for curvy women

In this post, I want to introduce a summer look for curvy women. I often receive comments or messages asking me how do I do to trust myself, how can I wear certain clothes, etc. I will share some of my tips again !

Summer look for curvy women : dress

Personally, I love dresses and skirts. Especially because these are the pieces that highlight my figure. Although I have long been a jean/T kinda gal, today I have a lot more fun with dresses !

Why do I like dresses ? These are pieces that are relatively easy to put on, accessorize, etc. With a dress, we do not really need to coordinate the top and bottom. I like well cut, with a structure dresses that allows to highlight my morphology – I am a fan of skater cuts. And I believe that wearing these dresses that turn is very fun for the little girl in me !

So, you will tell me, there is a problem with the dresses : the thighs rub (yes, they do love themselves !). Indeed, whether we are curvy or not, we can have rubbing thighs and this is a hell. It’s painful and can leave marks on the skin. Several tips exist as some anti-friction creams like the Bariéderme from Uriage. Otherwise, the easiest way is to wear a short legging or a sculpting panties under the dress to avoid any friction.

The dress I chose is a dress from the 2018 spring/summer collection from Castaluna which I already mentioned on the blog. I like its chic and sexy look with this little detail on the belly. I paired it with a pair of sandals with small square heels. As for leather goods and jewelry, the pink is back. I can not change myself!

summer look for curvy women

Love yourself !

When we do not meet the beauty standards that the press and the digital feed us, we feel quickly unconfident. We censor ourselves under the yoke of the supposed look of the other. So, indeed, we will never stop the other from judging our body, our look, etc. However, we can be softer with ourselves. Generally, we are our toughest critics!

I hear a lot of women say to themselves : “I’ll be happier when I lose weight, I’ll feel better once…” In short, the question of happiness and well-being is always subject to conditions. Why wait before savoring the joy that everyday life can bring us ? Why wait to find yourself beautiful ? Why wait to take care of us ? The person whose opinion is the most important is yours so if you want to indulge yourself by the clothes, the colors (who said that the black thinned !), the style, express yourself ! Fashion is a way of showing a part of who we are, of our inner world – why deprive ourselves ? The important thing is to assume and how to achieve it ? By trusting our clothing choices. I am deeply convinced that when we are in a piece of clothing in which we feel comfortable, well, pretty, etc., we can accomplish everything.

Another point is to stop waiting to please everyone. Who do we want to please first ? To ourselves ! We have the right to find ourselves pretty, to love ourselves. It is through this softer and more tolerant look that we will release another energy that will come from our surroundings !

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summer look for curvy women


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