Zero waste makeup : discovery of Zao Make-Up

zero waste makeup

Zero waste makeup is an innovation that follows the evolution of consumption and individual desires to reduce its packaging and waste. The skincare is put there and makeup follows this path. At the inauguration of the Green Market at Printemps de la Beauté, I had the opportunity to discover the brand Zao Make-Up.

Discovery of Zao Make-Up

Zao Make-Up is a French organic, vegan and sustainable makeup brand. The brand offers reusable packaging made of bamboo resulting from sustainable development. Instead of using cardboard boxes to pack their products, the brand has thought of small cotton pouches – reusable too.

Zao Make-Up wants to offer a real alternative without compromise between performance and sensoriality – while respecting nature and our health.

The proposed formulas are composed of 100% natural ingredients (except nailpolishes that are 10 free), without petrochemical derivatives or synthetic preservatives. The raw ingredients are obtained by the non-polluting and simple transformation of a plant or a mineral such as plant extracts, vegetal oils and butters, mineral pigments. That’s why the company is constantly looking for new natural ingredients to guarantee the best in terms of performance, development and creativity.

Since 2014, Zao Make-Up has been awarded Slow Cosmetics. It is also certified organic or eco by Ecocert and labeled Cosmebio. Zao favors raw materials from organic farming. The brand is certified Vegan and Cruelty Free by PETA. Zao excludes the use of animal ingredients as well as animal testing. The brushes offered by the brand are therefore synthetic hair

In addition to thinking about sustainable packaging, Zao offers refillable makeup. With this system, less waste are produced and less energy is consumed. Once the case bought, the refills have a much lower price. Moreover, this system also makes it possible to change its products according to its desires. It’s fun and easy.

Zao products are available at the Green Corner of Printemps de la Beauté, Day by Day stores that make zero waste, on Greenweez and various organic e-shops on the web.

maquillage zero déchetmaquillage zero déchet

Zero waste makeup : the illuminating powder

In its beautiful bamboo case, I discovered a beautiful illuminating powder : the Shine-Up powder. The color and light effect of Zao Make-Up has nothing to envy to the biggest brands of conventional cosmetics.

The packaging is well thought out : fine and practical with a magnetized opening system.

The powder is embossed with a delicate bamboo foliage and the name of the brand. It’s pretty and elegant.

The Shine-Up powder is a 2-in-1 product that can be used as a complexion illuminator but also as an iridescent magic powder that brings light to the areas you want : eyes, face, décolleté, etc.

I must admit that I was surprised by the intensity of the pigmentation of this highlighter ! The shade is just the perfect shimmery champagne that we can dream to brighten our face. The texture is very soft and melts very easily on the skin. We can also modality the intensity of the highlighter according to how we work the product. Its lasting is irreproachable.

Its formula is also excellent. We find from :

  • organic rice powder : one of the oldest cosmetic ingredients. It can matify the skin without clogging the pores by adjusting the sebum secretion.
  • bamboo powder : highly concentrated in silica, bamboo powder remineralizes, hydrates and participates in the regeneration of the skin while reducing the shine of combination and oily skin.
  • organic flaxseed oil : it purifies combination skin and acne by mattifying them. Moisturizing and soothing, it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids (omega 6 and 3) and vitamins (A, E B, K). Flax seed oil is very nourishing and regenerating. It helps maintain the water in the epidermis and significantly improves its hydration and elasticity.
  • olive leaf extract : rich in antioxidants, olive leaves help fight against free radicals. Free radicals are active substances that accelerate the aging of our cells.

The Shine-Up powder is priced at 21.90€ with the case, then 11.90€ the refill alone.

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