How to wear Repetto flats ? My collection

how to wear repetto flats

How to wear Repetto flats ? A question of many of us can ask ourselves. Indeed, ballerinas are as much adored as hated by some fashionistas or men. Although they are not unanimous, I love Repetto shoes – and especially their timeless flats that have a place in my dressing room. I thought it might interest you to enter my closets and discover my collection !

How to wear Repetto flats : which models to choose ?

You should know that it was at the request of Brigitte Bardot, in 1956, that Rose Repetto designed a ballerina as light and pleasant as a dance shoe, but much more sexy and sexy. That’s how the Cinderella flats is born and is immortalized in carmine red in Et Dieu créa la femme. The Cinderella is a must shoe of the house.

This same ballerina was declined with a small heel of 3 cm and bears the name of Camille.

Its history with dance makes Salomé shoes also an iconic model from Repetto. Many dancers who practice couple dancing dress their feet with it.

For a more masculine wardrobe, the Richelieus Zizi will be a model of choice. Created for his daughter-in-law Zizi Jeanmaire and worn by Serge Gainsbourg, the Zizis have this touch of French phlegm that can seduce both men and women.

Repetto shoes : Which size to choose ?

It should be known that Repetto size small. Generally, it is advisable to take a size above your usual size.

Generally, I take the 41 but I also have a model in 40 and another in 39. I think that everything depends on the model and the material. Indeed, some leathers or fabrics do not evolve the same in time. The best thing is to try !

how to wear repetto flats

In my wardrobe…

I have three pairs of Cinderella flats :

  • a pair of red grained leather,
  • one in neon pink patent leather,
  • a pearl gray leather with scales print.

two pairs of Camille :

  • a pair of navy blue patent leather,
  • a canvas with encrusted crystals.

and a pair of navy blue patent leather heeled sandals.

I like to wear Repetto with just about every outfit, be it trousers or dresses/skirts. With pants, they bring a “cute” vibe, feminine while remaining a comfort option. For the dresses, the Repetto heels immediately give something chic and elegant with this “effortless” touch.

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how to wear repetto flats


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