How to choose your conditioner ?

How to choose your conditioner ? A question I asked myself because for a while I stopped using it and preferred masks or hair oil baths.

I wanted to try again the experience and share all my tips to find the best conditioner for your needs.

Why using a conditioner ?

The shampoo will clean our hair and scalp from all accumulated impurities. Once clean, the hair fiber is ready to receive a targeted treatment : the conditioner.

A conditioner helps to detangle, repair, nourish and strengthen our hair. For some of us, this is an essential step. For others, its use is a little more scarce.

In order to make the most of it, it is essential to carefully choose our haircare.

how to choose your conditioner

How to choose your conditioner ?

Organic, natural, classic, solid…The haircare market is very extensive and it is not always easy to find yourself among all the offers.

The first thing is to choose a conditioner adapted to the nature of your hair :

  • Dry hair : I advise you to look for nourishing and moisturizing formulas.
  • Dull hair : head to the products that bring shine.
  • Curly or frizzy hair : opt for a moisturizing formula that will (re)define the curls.
  • Fine hair : Orient yourself to a product that will give density.
  • Colored hair : promote the after-shampoo that will revive the color and protect it.

The second thing is to find the formula that suits you. Personally, I invite you to ban products stuffed with silicone and parabens that weigh down the hair and smother them from the root. For me, it is important to take a few minutes to decode the labels and ingredients of the products on the market.

how to choose your conditionerhow to choose your conditioner

How to choose a conditioner : discovery of a natural formula

Personally, I always go for natural products, without paraben and other ingredients that do not do good to the hair.

I recently discovered “Le Clos” Chardonnay Vintage polyphenol hair conditioner from Vinésime and I have the impression of offering my hair an exceptional care.

This product consists of 94% natural ingredients and is formulated with 0% sulfate, 0% parabens, 0% phenoxyethanol and 0% dye. Its composition is enriched with argan oil and shea butter – which allows it to be very gentle to the hair and provide them with all the hydration they may need.

The particularity of using a product formulated with vine products is to take advantage of the priorities of polyphenols. Indeed, the Chardonnay range, especially this vintage extract of Chardonnay grapes “Le Clos” have anti-oxidant properties. This will help fight the formation of excess free radicals in the body and restore vitality and strength to the hair.

Like all other products in the Chardonnay range, the after-shampoo is distinguished by its white grape scent. This is very light and gives a holiday feeling during the treatment.

After several weeks of use, I find that this product nourishes and softens my hair naturally. They are soft, shiny and especially very light.

How to apply a conditioner ?

As its name implies, the conditioner is applied after the shampoo. Once the hair is wrung out, take a little product in the palm of your hand and apply on the half lengths and ends. Avoid the roots and the scalp on pain of having greasy and heavy hair. It is important not to put too much product because it will also grease the hair. In terms of frequency, do not overdo it. On average, twice a week promises an optimal result.

If you wash your hair every day, you will not have to use your conditioner every day. If like me, you wash your hair two or three times a week, it will be almost a use at every shampoo.

It is important to let your conditioner process. It is often this step that we neglect in the shower and that is why we are not always satisfied with the results. On average, three minutes are required for the product to take effect. Then rinse thoroughly to completely eliminate the product.

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