Roger & Gallet Male Fragrances

roger & gallet male fragrances
You know that I really like the perfumes of this house and I take you to discover the Roger & Gallet Male Fragrances.

Roger & Gallet Male Fragrances : the house

It was in 1976 that Roger & Gallet decided to begin its masculine adventure by launching L’Homme which defines the codes of masculinity according to the house : modern but traditional, light but well anchored in his time.

The brand has recently reworked all these perfumes to give them a fresh and modern twist. In addition, in May, a new creation was born. Indeed, 40 years later, the house reinterprets “L’Homme” with a collection of four perfumes inspired by four noble ingredients of the parfumerie that represent the different facets of contemporary masculinity. Each man can choose, almost tailor-made, the scent that will symbolize him the most.

All the bottles have been repackaged and I love the sobriety that emerges from them. The brand describes it as “carrond” (between square and round), inspired by iconic bottles of the brand.

The house Roger & Gallet declines its man range with colognes, body and hair shower gels, shaving foams, aftershave balms and deodorants.

roger & gallet male fragrances

Roger & Gallet Male Fragrances : L’Homme

The collection L’Homme comes with :

L’Homme Menthe

The 2019’s novelty which is characterized by its vitality. This creation is a daring bet because the mint in perfumery can be a “dangerous” ingredient. Roger & Gallet shows us all its talent with a bold and vibrant fragrance.

L’Homme Menthe was created by Bruno Jovanovic. This fragrance is a modern and aromatic fern. In the top note, we have basil. Then, in heart note, comes the icy peppermint. Finally, the lime closes the creation. It’s light while having a touch of masculinity. This creation is modern and can touch all generations of men looking for a new signature scent for summer.

L’Homme Cèdre

L’Homme Cèdre was born in 2009 by Karine Dubreuil, formerly called the Homme Sport. This fragrance is a woody citrus that contains the timeless power of a masculine scent. In top note, we have cedar. Then, in heart note comes the cardamom. Finally, the lemon finishes the fragrance. It’s a contrasting scent between fresh citrus notes and the warmth of spices and cedar wood. It’s dynamic and never goes unnoticed.

L’Homme Vétyver

L’Homme Vetyver was created in 1975, also by Karine Dubreuil under the name of Vetyver. This fragrance is a refined citrus that is both elegant and sensual. In top note, we find the bergamot. Then, in heart note comes the geranium. Finally, as base note, vetiver completes the creation. This fragrance is both masculine and sparkling, timeless. Many of our dads were able to wear it – a classic of elegance and authenticity !

L’Homme Patchouli

L’Homme Patchouli was born in 1979 by Nicole Mathieu, previously called L’Homme. This creation is an intense chypré. It is the most intense perfume of the four declensions of L’Homme. In top note, we have bergamot. Then, as heart note, we meet the geranium. Finally, as base note, patchouli closes the fragrance. L’Homme Patchouli is a sensual and powerful, almost magnetic perfume. It will seduce the most daring men with an animal and/or wild side.

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roger & gallet male fragrances


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