How to choose your foundation with SPF

How to choose your foundation with SPF ? A subject that comes to the point before summer (in any case, I still hope for it !). Even in the summer, I avoid to put to much products on my skin. However, I sometimes slightly unify my complexion and it is essential for me to have a good SPF in the products I’m using. I have put together a selection of affordable products tested and approved by me to help you in your search !

How to choose your foundation with SPF

A majority brand now offers foundation products with SPF that helps protect against the sun – even when you can not see it. SPF in foundations range from SPF 15 to SPF 50.

Depending on your preferences, there are at the same time powders, creams or 2 or 3-in-1 formulas.

The texture

The brands are available in all textures foundations with SPF : powders, cream foundation, BB creams, CC creams, etc.

Some are easily applied by hand, others will prefer a sponge or brush for an ideal finish.

The coverage

Texture often goes hand in hand with coverage. Indeed, the more a formula has a light texture, the more its coverage will be too.

For a light coverage : If you are looking for a very light product to unify overall your complexion, turn to the fundationss like cushion, BB or CC creams or even tinted creams.

For a flexible coverage : ranging from light to medium, powders can be a good alternative.

For a full coverage : the cream foundations will be there to meet your needs. However, in summer, the skin tends to sweat more, etc. Test your product well before taking it to the seaside !

The finish

To help guiding your choice, it will be the finish of the product that can help you. If you want a bright and fresh finish, I invite you to look for some rather light textures – like BB or CC creams. Some more covering foundations may still have a fresh and bright finish but it will be more obvious that you wear makeup.

For a matte finish, the powders will be your allies.

how to choose your foundation with SPFhow to choose your foundation with SPF

How to choose your foundation with SPF : my summer selection

Personally, I am rather to use light formulas and easy to travel with during my vacation. The products I choose are generally compact and their use does not require much time.

The selection I propose is easy to carry products, with a rather light coverage and with a SPF ranging from 20 to 50.

Lancôme Miracle Cushion : a product that I have loved for a long time and that I buy every season. The formula is fresh and moisturizing. It has a SPF 23 which allows a good introduction in spring. The application is done with the sponge provided – although I confess prefer to use my Beauty Blender with. Its coverage is light but can be built if you work in a thin layer. The finish is bright. However, for all that is imperfections or dark circles, it will be necessary to associate a targeted concealer. What I like a lot in this product is the refillable principle. Indeed, I bought the box in 2015 and since then, I only buy refills.

Qiriness BB Cream : the brand has recently reformulated it. BB cream offers a light and subtly tinted formula. It is both a skincare and a makeup product – which can be self-sufficient, ie a moisturizer is not necessary with this product. This creamy BB just provides corrective action to unify the complexion while revealing its freshness and radiance. Like the cushion, we have a second skin effect that will not let you guess that you wear makeup. Its SPF 25 is a good base with which to start.

Uriage Tinted Compact Water Cream : is also a skincare and make-up product. Its formula is enriched with Uriage Thermal Water Powder which helps to rebuild the skin barrier to maintain an optimal hydration rate. For several weeks, it’s a bit my all-in-one powder to do everything. Ultra fast application with a brush or sponge, it unifies the complexion and provides a light coverage and a healthy looking effect in one gesture. Its finish is velvety while it is a cream texture, I love it ! The presence of thermal water is an advantage to maintain hydration and protect sensitive skin. A SPF 30 makes this travel friendly holiday product even more so.

Bariésun Compact Mineral Tinted Cream Uriage : For summer, Uriage has declined its Bariésun range with a tinted cream. Its mineral filter complex, combined with vitamin E and a derivative of vitamin C, provides a very high protection against UVB, UVA and free radicals. It’s a product that is perfect for protecting your face while having fun with makeup. The complexion  is naturally unified for an immediate glowy effect – its hue is slightly darker than my complexion, I am very white but I hope to tan a little. The dry and powdery finish as for the Cream of Water.

Obviously, these products are a step in your routine. Uriage powders can be reapplied during the day to maintain protection. For Lancôme cushion and BB cream, a complementary SPF will be needed. Personally, my Anthelios La Roche Posay’s transparent fresh mist does not leave me and is very easy to apply – it allows to keep a protection of SPF 50 and to protect my complexion.

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how to choose your foundation with SPF


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