Spring lipsticks : my mattes trio

In May do what you like…And it’s time to share here my spring lipsticks. Each season, I like to switch my beauty products and have fun with the colors depending on the moment.

I am known for my fuchsia and my selection could not escape so let’s go to its discovery to give you a little bit of inspiration

Spring lipsticks : my mattes trio

If you want a nude that looks good and is ultra easy to wear, go for the Amazing Grace from Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution range. Its formula is relatively creamy, allowing it to be applied easily and be comfortable throughout the day while having a matte finish. The hue is really the perfect coral – the middle between pink and orange that suits almost all skin tones and styles.

If you want a timeless pink that invites poetry, I advise you to look in the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet range La Romanesque. In addition to an iconic packaging, the formula of these lipsticks is extremely pleasant, with an almost powder-like finish, velvet as the name suggests. Again, hydration is at the rendez-vous although it is a matte. Color is the perfect blend of cold pink. It is like a second skin and the pigmentation is intense. While I’m writing this post, I realize that this hue has been discontinued – that’s a pity ! Why brands always stop their best shades ?

If you fancy a fuchsia that will make you a star, head to the Pink Power Matte Shaker from Lancôme. For me, it’s the ultimate fuchsia ! This lipstick is really one of my favorites from my entire collection. In addition to coming in a more than original packaging, its formula is comfortable and its pigmentation exceptional. Your lips will be dressed in a vibrant and uncompromising shade.

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