Irisé Paris : travel friendly and sustainable makeup

Irisé Paris is a young makeup brand that wants to propose a new vision of makeup. I will take you to discover it.

Irisé Paris : the brand & concept

Founded in 2017 by Maude Gay, Irisé Paris is a French brand. The leitmotiv of the founder is to “put herself at the service of a new beauty, free, uninhibited and personalized.”

Irisé Paris proposes to create its Mood Box which is a custom made palette. Indeed, the makeup pallets that we have always have shades that we adore and unlove ones that we never use. The goal of the Mood Box is to allow the women to compose her perfect palette that corresponds to her tastes and moods. It is possible to create a palette with blush, eyeshadow and/or foundation. The lipsticks of the brand are sold separately.

This concept makes it possible to offer an infinitely adjustable product because the case comes with a small tool (a kind of pic) that allows to interchange the quads to infinity. It is therefore possible to recharge or change the palette by purchasing colors to the unit.

The Mood Box makes it easy to carry around your makeup must-have everywhere and all the time: that it is during our journeys, our trips, our evenings, etc.

The manufacture of Irisé Paris products is 100% French. The powders are preservative-free and perfume-free for maximum respect of the skin. Their manufacture is the result of an expertise of excellence unique in the world, labeled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant.

Irisé Paris offers a concept at a relatively affordable prices. The empty Mood Box is priced at €16, eyeshadow at €8, blush at €11, foundation at €14 and lipstick at €19. Indeed, the price to compose your pallet may seem a little more expensive than a ready-made pallette – however, a custom product is usually more profitable because we use it completely. In addition, once the box purchased, it remains to manage its refills. There is an ecological side and a sustainable approach that is a plus.

My Mood Box

In my box, I gathered my favorite shades. For eyeshadow, I combined:

  • Neige Rosée : is between the white and golden iridescent. We all need a touch of light.
  • Faux airs de vert : is a khaki with brown highlights – perfect for enhancing blue or green eyes.
  • Marron glacial : is a cold iridescent brown – the absolute brown that fits in all the carnations.
  • Prune d’enfer : is a beautiful shimmery purple – ideal for creating smokeys on blue or chestnut eyes.

For the blush, I opted for the shade Pétard de rose, a matte neon pink. It is a daring shade that matches all the complexions for a fresh look.

On these products, the pigmentation is good quality. From the first layer, we have a nice color that can be worked easily. Eyeshadows last all day, without falling. There is only the shade Neige Rosée that contains glitters a little larger that could be deposited slightly below the eye – but nothing very important.

Other makeup palette to compose :

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