Gluten Free pastry address in Paris

For few years, I discovered gluten-free food and I thought it was time to share gluten free pastry address in Paris. One that I really like and where I go regularly is Foucade Paris. I invite you to discover this yummy gluten free Parisian address.

Gluten Free pastry address : why?

Since 2016, I reduced a lot  my consumption of gluten on the advice of a naturopath. Indeed, I suffered from several digestive disorders since as far back as I can remember. However, having only known that, I did not realize that it was not “the norm”. When the chopper fell that I had to stop eating gluten, it was very hard. Today, I live well with this slight intolerance. Yes, I speak of my case of a slight intolerance because I can consume a little gluten without being too disturbed. If I eat gluten too regularly, this is where things get tough !

Through the blog, I explored alternative gluten-free recipes that I enjoy sharing here. My entourage also had the opportunity to discover this universe and is always so eager to eat !

In Paris, we are lucky to have a choice of shops and companies that want to create for all and take into consideration allergens and other food intolerances. I find it great to offer the beauty of cooking and pastry to all.

Foucade : The concept

Foucade is a “home of positive treat.” Foucade’s philosophy is to go back to the basics and get away from all that has been added by the chemistry of our recent cooking (additives and company). The house wants to reinvent the sweet and take inspiration from all the tastes, textures, cooking, etc. to offer unique and balanced creations. On its menu, Foucade has pictograms that allow you to choose your treats according to your intolerances : gluten, nuts, dairy, etc.

Foucade offers sweets, desserts in their boutiques and on command. Its shops are also tea salon and welcome you for brunch on weekends.

The house Foucade can be found at two addresses :

  • Batignolles : 24 rue des Moines, 75017 Paris,
  • in the Marais : 60 rue de Bretagne 75003 Paris.

Foucade can also be found in four retailers :

  • la Grande Épicerie de Paris : 38 rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris,
  • Maison Plisson : 35 pl. Market Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris,
  • Studio Bar Shape : 86 rue Quincampoix, 75003 Paris,
  • les Boudeuses (concept store): 216 rue Saint-Denis, 75002 Paris.

Foucade : my experience

Before the boutique at la Madeleine closed, I have gone to lunch and brunch several times : everything was delicious. The food is fresh and the house can customize on request when there is something we can not eat. The teams are listening and it is appreciable.

The food and desserts are always well presented. We are able to feel that we are on the beautiful kitchen and in a search of the beauty and the tasty.

In this post, I will tell you about the last two desserts that I could taste, l’Opérette and the Flan pastry :

  • l’Opérette : an iconic pastry of the house that is inspired by the Opera we all know. Foucade revisits it in a more crunchy version and much less sweet. Chocolate finds its place again with different textures and forces. The Opérette consists of a crunchy raw chocolate, dried fruit, buckwheat flakes, a sponge cake without flour, a creamy and a mousse 70, 85 and 100%.
  • Flan pastry : another sweetness which reminds us of our childhood. Here, Foucade has launched a challenge because the flan…at the base, it is not dairy free at all ! This pastry is made with a dough with chestnut flour and rice, the flan device is lactose free on a base of almond milk and vanilla from Tahiti. The flan is soft, thick and melting – what we usually look for in this pastry. The dough is crunchy and its small taste of chestnut gives it a mouth feel a little more raw – in the good sense of the word. I find that vanilla is a bit shy compared to almond – however, a nice achievement for this treats regressive possible !

The only downside of Foucade are the prices. Indeed, we are on gluten-free and that has a cost – like gluten-free bakeries because the price of basic ingredients are more expensive. However, Foucade is more expensive than Pierre Hermé or these “Haute Couture” bakery houses…This comes to interrogate me : is Foucade too expensive ? Or the other pastry chefs who have their names paid ?

Have you ever discovered a gluten free pastry address ? If so, tell me everything !

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