Makeup table : tips & storage for your beauty stash

Organizing a makeup table is a dream of many of us. We see them in magazines, our tv shows, blogs, Pinterest, etc. My beauty corner is a place I particularly like and I thought it could inspire you !

Makeup table : choosing your furniture

Depending on the space we have, the choice of our furniture and storage will not be the same. Personally, I wanted a fairly narrow table. My choice was the IKEA Vittsjö table. This furniture is perfect because visually, it is quite light because of its metal structure and glass plate.

IKEA has other models of hairdressers but you can also look on Maisons du Monde, La Redoute, etc. The advice I will give you is to find a piece with drawers if you wish to have an easy storage.

For the chair, I’m using one of the pieces that my owner left me. Although it’s not a personal choice, this chair is perfect for my table. It doesn’t take up much space in the room.

As my IKEA table is not sufficient for the organization of my products, I added a small storage unit : the IKEA Helmer storage box that I have found on second hand two years ago.

An indispensable object for a beauty table is the mirror. Some of them have a mirror, for others, you have to find an alternative solution with a mirror to hang on the wall or a small freestanding mirror. I opted for the last solution that allows me to easily move this object. The model I own is very simple (this reference at IKEA). I would like to change it but it is not urgent so much to make the most of it.

Makeup table : organize your products

Having storage is essential to organize its beauty corner. I bought compartments of different sizes at Leroy Merlin in order to have my products in the drawers quite organized. I put mine by category : foundation/concealer, products for the cheeks (blush, bronzer, etc.), palettes, lipsticks, etc. I chose those at Leroy Merlin because they have a rectangular shape and can be clipped between them (to find here or there or there). MUJI and other  decorative or DIY brands are selling something similar.

On the table, I have an acrylic box from MUJI. I bought the five-drawer model – however, I can not find it on the brand’s website anymore to check if this model still exists. This box allows me to have to hand my current makeup selection. I have a drawer for the complexion, two for the eyes, one with my mascaras and one for my “luxury” lipsticks. I love this type of storage that allows to visualize our products.


The part where we can customize the space while organizing it. What I love to use are the trays and other pots in order to have a practical and enjoyable beauty area. For example, for makeup brushes, pencils and other things, I chose pots to organize them. Some of them are pieces I bought over the years (IKÉA, H&M, Sostrene Grene, etc.) but others are candle containers that I recycled. Depending on the selected pieces, you will create a unique atmosphere.

I have a marble tray that is rather a small presentation plate that I diverted that allows me to group a vase with some flowers and one of my pots. Having this type of object can give a structure to the whole and compartmentalize spaces.

For decoration, I have a frame from Herbarium I composed recently at a blog event. On my acrylic box, other “bits and bobs” : a plant – succulent type for low maintenance, a jewelry box brought back from Egypt, a nice mirror customized at Louboutin Beauty and a candle tray with samples of perfumes that I usually take when I travel.

As you can see, this space doesn’t escape my passion for greenery. I find that they immediately give character to the space while bringing a touch of color and elegance in the blink of an eye.

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