Yellow Aspen : the 2019’s trend for summer

Yellow aspen is the biggest trend of the year 2019 ! We have seen this color on several runways and then in the ready-to-wear collections. Today, I wanted to integrate this color into a makeup look.

Yellow aspen : the sun in your wardrobe

Yellow aspen is a bright, solar and war yellow. Adding a touch of color can bring a unique look while having fun with the current trend and fashion. In addition, this shade is sparkling, full of positive energy and brighten our environment and our mood. So, both swim in a bain de soleil.

For the year 2019, we find this trend in both clothing and accessories such as shoes, handbags, etc.

This color can be worn with a white or cream outfit, both light and navy blue and even with gray. The advice I will give you is to have fun with this color ! If you’re looking for cutting-edge fashion inspiration, I invite you to read Victoria’s post on In The Frow, which includes looks and a nice shopping selection.

Personally, I see myself more integrated yellow aspen via small touches : accessories and/or makeup. Indeed, I rather have a wardrobe in cool colors – my style, eh ! but why not play with a surprise effect for this summer !

What kind of makeup to surf the trend ?

To integrate this trend, I went on gold that can play on the reflections more or less intense yellow aspen.

I realized this makeup with a fresh and light complexion to emphasize the eyes. This golden hue will compliment both matte and fair skins. I worked the color in a color block style to create a veil around the eyes that is easy to wear and recreate.

To get closer to the aspen yellow, I used a cream eye shadow from Dolce & Gabana and a powder eyeshadow from La Dangereuse collection from Violette x Estée Lauder.

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