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Today, I want to present you organic skincare for sensitive skin. Indeed, I am always curious to discover ultra soft care for the most fragile or sensitive skin (see my articles on perioral dermatitis).

Organic skincare for sensitive skin

To take care of sensitive skin, it is important to pay attention to the compositions of the products we use. I advise you to favor short compositions, with a maximum of natural ingredients – even organic if possible.

Organic skincare for sensitive skin will just use the properties of ingredients that will soothe, soften, moisturize the face, such as camellia, chamomile, aloe vera, immortelle, calendula, etc. On the advice of my dermatologist, I turned to cleansing milk for several years and I must say that this is what I find most suitable to clean my skin without choking and maintain its hydration rate. I always combine with a foaming cleanser and a lotion to finish the make-up removal.

When I’m looking for a deeper cleanse and I want to pamper myself at home, I like to use a face scrub. The softest will be with very fine beads or enzymatic scrubs (without beads). However, for the most sensitive skin, it is not necessary to overexpose the skin to an exfoliating product that will tend to unbalance its flora.

Organic Hydraflore Clair Lotus range

I recently tried the Hydraflore Clair Lotus range from Laboratoires Roig created to soothe sensitive skin. This range consists of four products :

Gentle Milk Cleansing contains 93% of ingredients from organic farming. The brand has selected sugar-derived active ingredients, particularly soft and well tolerated by the skin. Its composition includes organic Sacred Lotus extract that helps fight against free radicals and gives radiance to the complexion, the Organic and Faire Trade Hazelnut Oil that protects the skin from drying out and gives it a silky touch and the extract Organic Lemon that helps purify and tone the skin. I use the Gentle Milk Cleansing in my evening skincare routine to remove my makeup. I apply it on dry skin and massage. Then, I emulsify with a little warm water and remove the product with washable cotton pad. This milk really cleans the skin – it does not sting the eyes and does not attack the skin at all. Only a few very resistant and waterproof products need a targeted two-phase product to be completely removed. What I liked is its creamy texture and fresh scent that reminds me a bit of baby’s skin.

Softness Lotion Soothing is a complementary product to cleansing milk. The lotion helps to remove greasy residue and traces of lime remaining on the skin after rinsing with water. Finishing cleaning the skin with lotion is therefore a necessity. To avoid this, I used to rinse everything with thermal water. In addition, to ensure the effectiveness of a cleansing routine is to choose a milk and lotion in the same range because both products have been designed to complement each other. Softness Lotion Soothing is formulated with 97% of ingredients from organic farming, without alcohol or allergens. As for Cleansing Milk, we find Organic Sacred Lotus extract that helps fight free radicals and gives radiance to the complexion, Organic Aloe Vera juice, an excellent multifunction asset, known for its moisturizing properties, soothing and anti-aging on the skin and plant based Hyaluronic Acid that moisturizes, plumps and brings softness to the skin. This lotion is really soft with the skin, can complete the make-up removal and hydrate the skin. She does not sting the eyes. I also use it some mornings when I want a different gesture from my floral waters.

Soft Scrub Exfoliating is formulated with 91% ingredients from organic farming, without alcohol or allergens. To offer this organic skincare for sensitive skin, Laboratoires Roig use the finesse of rice powder which is very gentle on the skin while allowing it to release its dead skin. The scrub contains organic Sacred Lotus extract, which activates the micro-circulation and restores radiance to the skin as well as the floral waters of Rose (purifying) and Lavender (soothing) as well as the extract of Sweet clover that prevents the appearance of redness. Among the beads scrubs I used, this one is one of the sweetest (few are the rice powder-based scrubs). It exfoliates the skin deeply and refines the skin texture. It leaves a clean and ultra soft skin – I love it ! With a product like this, I like to let the skin breathe and not use foundation in the days that follow. The Soft Scrub Exfoliating unifies the complexion and gives it a fresh twist.

Other routines for sensitive skin :

sensitive skin organic skincaresensitive skin organic skincare


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