Benefits of indoor plants : creating an urban jungle

The benefits of indoor plants are well established. In addition to being a rencetly trendy decoration style, plants bring a unique vibration at home.

Benefits of indoor plants & Feng Shui

Ancestral Chinese art, Feng Shui aims to harmonize the energy of a room to provide to its occupants serenity, well-being and harmony. This subtle and fascinating practice helps to regulate our polluted spaces, filled with magnetic waves, etc.

Feng Shui plants have an energetic and stabilizing role. For example, in the corners of a room, they can neutralize the harmful energies (poisoned arrows) and help the chi to circulate. In large rooms and corridors these plants slow down the energy. In addition, plants represent the living and therefore of course a positive energy. This is why Feng Shui will prefer fake plants (representing a living plant) than dried flowers, which are the non-living version of the plant (dead energy).

The plants will therefore vitalize and so make us swim in a chi regenerator very beneficial for our health. The yang energy of plants cleans our home, and neutralizes the possible negative energies of chemical and electrical pollutants, as mentioned previously.

In general, all green plants are beneficial. There are, however, categories of plants to avoid : plants whose leaf shape is shaped like a blade, or plants filled with prickles, such as cacti…These give off waves of harmful forms or Shar chi. According to Feng Shui, bonsai are also to be banished from our interior because they are actually degenerate trees. Indeed, they can see a particular aestheticism and remain genetically small. Personally, I have one that is pretty and very healthy, so I think it’s all about balance.

The most beneficial green plants are those with rounded and wide leaves, if possible. For example, many succulents respond perfectly to this description : crassula, orchid, silver crown, etc.

Personally, my first choices have always been towards plants that are all round – however, others also call for their energy and aestheticism.

Benefits of indoor plants : purify our atmosphere

Indoor plants have a capacity to purify the air and to clean up the water. Indoor plants increase the moisture content of rooms by up to 5%. They sweat, in fact, to return 97% of their water spray in the air ! This is very important in winter where the atmosphere of our interiors is too dry and it causes a feeling of discomfort whose origin is often misunderstood. It feels good with a humidity of about 60%, but it is rather around 40% in the majority of heated apartments or houses.

Every day, we have about 15,000 liters of air passing through our lungs ! The air in offices and homes is mostly confined and polluted by formaldehyde and solvents in wall and floor coverings, paints, deodorants, and so on. Our indoor plants are capable of transforming these harmful substances in 1 to 2 days into “clean” particles. In other words, they purify the air of our homes ! In fact, healthy, well-managed plants can reduce airborne dust by up to 20%. But it’s the dust that holds back the harmful toxins we breathe. Acting as a filter, they restore a clean air.

It is not only the leaves of our plants that work but also the roots and microorganisms of the substrate. They destroy viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic chemicals. They feed on it even partially ! It is now proven that plants are a real biological response to air pollution.

Research shows that the most sanitizing plants are: orchids, bromeliads, succulents (cacti and succulents), as well as genera kentia, spathiphyllum and dracaena.

And wellbeing in all this

The benefits of plants extend to a psychological and somatic level. Indeed, green is a color that soothes and will calm the mind. Having plants will therefore promote relaxation and reduce stress when we arrive at home. Plants will help us regulate our heart rate and breathing.

Plants also provide acoustic comfort. They improve the flow of sound while avoiding reverberations of waves too fast. In addition, if they do not replace a double glazing for insulation, they pleasantly dampen the vibrations coming from the outside (cars in the street, noise in the stairwell…), hence a delicious impression of silence and privacy.

The benefits of indoor plants are many, you create your own small wellness area at home !

In addition, I personally use the essential oils in the form of a diffuser to increase the feeling of relaxation and work on different themes depending on the moments of life.

How to integrate the plants to its interior ?

Personally, I like to mix the species : large and small leaves, large and small plants. What I like too is to create a group of plants – whether they are between friends to not feel alone ! I have some in pairs, others in groups of three or four. I am having fun with the pots and the visual that will fit my deco.

I also advise you not to concentrate your plants in one place. As Feng Shui advises, have a few plants all around the room, especially to soften the angles or absorb the waves of your electronics, etc. You can also place them in front of the windows if they do not block by their opening.

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