Capsule wardrobe : a minimalist dressing

I heard about the Wardrobe Capsule on The Anna Edit blog about four or five years ago. The idea seduced me because I am more and more towards a reduction of my possessions. Gradually, I tend towards this concept of minimalist wardrobe and I thought it was to share my experience.

Wardrobe capsule : the concept

The concept of the Wardrobe Capsule is to have between 25 and 50 pieces in your dressing room for the season. Some people include shoes, handbags, etc. in this account. We do not count underwear, socks and tights in this calculation.

The goal is to create a wardrobe as a whole, think in terms of outfits and not piece by piece, consistent and rather minimalist. The word minimalist can sometimes be scary because we tell ourselves that our choice will be reduced or sad. The invitation that promises a minimalist wardrobe is to offer outfits adapted to our personal style, almost tailor-made with pieces that we love fundamentally.

Wardrobe capsule : its advantages

The advantage of a Wardrobe Capsule is to avoid waste and the clothes that sleep at the bottom of the closet. You should know that a French woman wears on average only 30% of the clothes she owns. That’s a lot of unworn clothes and taking dust. This saves money because we do not waste our money on clothes we are not going to wear. It is even possible to spend a little more for parts that really please you without increasing your annual budget.

It also avoids standing in front of the dressing room in the morning and screaming inwardly “I have nothing to wear !” This provides less mental stress and less stress on a daily basis.

A minimalist wardrobe saves time in the choice of outfits : be it in the morning or to pack your bags for a weekend or vacation.

Create a Wardrobe Capsule in 5 steps

Step 1 : Sorting out

This is more than necessary if you are in a step towards more authenticity and minimalism. I invite you to follow the advice of Marie Kondo on this subject. Start by taking out all your clothes, accessories, shoes and then trying them to see if some parts are still fitting or not, you separate damaged and unrepairable parts and keep only the clothes that delight you and you really like. If some pieces are sentimental, it is possible to delay a little the sorting but it is important to really ask why we keep it all, what does it bring us ?

Step 2 : Choose your favorite pieces to start

In your wardrobe, there are already the pieces that you prefer and from which it is possible to play with. For that, it is essential to have targeted the colors that suit you (colorimetry) and which you like. Then, I think it is important to think in terms of morphology to know the parts that will sublimate you and create a harmonious silhouette (no matter your size).

An additional point that can help you in this choice is also the maintenance of the clothes that you keep. Do they require special washing ? Are they fragile, etc. ?

Creating a capsule wardrobe can also lead you to think about the types of fabrics or brands of clothing you do not want to have in your possession.

Step 3 : Have a preview of your pieces for the season

For several months, I have the opportunity to organize my dressing in two parts : the majority of my pieces of the current season are on a clothes rack in my bedroom – which allows me to see the majority of my pieces of the moment, the color theme, etc. The second part is in an integrated cupboard and includes the clothes of the other season as well as the pieces that can not be put on the rack.

On mine is :

  • coats and jackets,
  • tops and shirts,
  • blazers,
  • skirts,
  • dresses.

The rest : pants, t-shirt and sweaters are in my closet.

If you have the opportunity, at least during the creation of your capsule wardrobe, I invite you to install your parts on a rack to have an overview of your clothes to facilitate the next step.

Step 4 : Create as many outfits as possible

Once you have made your choice and your favorite pieces are visually accessible, it’s time to create your outfits. Try to create the maximum with what you have. You can even operate as a memo on a iPad or similar or notebook. Other people have fun to hang their clothes in photo using a polaroid and creates their outfits by combining photos.

We tend to always wear the same things, with a Wardrobe Capsule, the goal is to optimize each piece. A top can be combined with several bottoms, etc. Build your outfits for them to sublime you, make you strong, beautiful while being comfortable !

It is also essential to keep in mind our style : is it rather casual, sophisticated, etc. ? And life opportunities where we may need to be more put together.

Some apps are now available to help us in this choice as for example Apparel Paris.

Step 5 : Find what is missing from your wardrobe

Once you have built a maximum of looks, it is finally possible to make a list of missing pieces or not ! Maybe by sorting your dressing room, you realized that you really had everything you needed for an optimized and stylish closet. However, if you feel that you are missing a timeless and/or basic piece, or a touch of color, then go looking for it.

For your research to be optimal, think about exactly what you are missing. What would ultimately be the ideal piece ? Think about material, cut, maintenance, etc. Once you have been able to project yourself, you will be less in a buying frenzy. You will know what you need and want – so you will be less “tempted” by anything and everything. The purpose of the Capsule Wardrobe is to consume in a better way.

You can first look on the Web to find what you’re missing – just to get an idea of ​​what’s in store right now. If you have the possibility, then try in shops.

It only remains to fully enjoy your new wardrobe !

Wardrobe Capsule : Last Tips

A capsule wardrobe will not be created in a day. It took me several months to juggle my outfits – and many years, to really know my style and what I like and fit me. So, do not be too demanding with yourself. Any change is a process : it implies movement and evolution.

There is no ideal number for a Capsule Wardrobe. I have between 35 and 40 pieces, excluding shoes. The important thing in the story is that you feel good, at peace, with your selection and above all to have fun !

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