What jewels to offer at Christmas ? Histoire d’Or selection

What jewels to offer at Christmas ? A question that many of us can ask ourselves ! Whether it’s for family, friends or loved one, finding the piece that will please can sometimes become a riddle in front of the plethora of models and styles that exist !

For Christmas 2018, I wanted to combine a selection of jewels of the brand Histoire d’Or which offers a wide range of choices at affordable prices.

What jewels to offer at Christmas ?

Depending on the recipient, our choice will not be the same. There are women who love rings while others can not stand to have anything on their fingers. Some women prefer short necklaces or pendants to long necklaces, etc. When choosing a jewel, it is essential to know the habits of the person in order to find the jewel that she will love to wear daily.

The ideal is also to know the preferences of the person to whom you will offer the jewel : does it have allergies to certain metals ? Do they prefer silver or gold finishes ? With or without stones ?

The last piece of advice that I want to share with you is that the jewel is important, but the jewel must be apprehended in a context, with an outfit. For me, the jewel is this little cherry on top of the cake that will transform a look ! Think about how you want the person to wear the jewel, on what occasions, and so on.

What jewels to offer at Christmas : rings

Sometimes we don’t dare to go with a ring as a gift. This jewel is often associated with the symbolism of commitment or in certain cultures, a gift that represents a rite of passage. Personally, I am a big fan of rings. I like to play with the accumulation with various rings or fine on the contrary to leave a statement piece that will give a very imposing side to the hand.

On Histoire d’Or, I combined a selection of silver rings : two fairly fine, one fine with floral details like chiseled leaves and one more special with a double ring and cultured pearls. The first two can be reminiscent of wedding rings but associated with several rings like those presented, it gives a look a more rock and modern vibe.

I love the elegance of silver that is easily worn with everything – and even with jeans and t-shirts. The details with zirconiums immediately bring a precious touch that seduces me completely !

From left to right, you will find :

1/ Diamond Accumulation Ring (25 €) – 2/ Valerie Ring with floral details (99 €) – 3/ Onaissa Ring with hexagonal motifs (35 €) – 4/ Perla Ring with cultured pearls (89 €)

What jewels to offer at Christmas : necklaces

The necklaces make it possible to dress an outfit and/or a neck. I have selected two pieces, always on a silver theme, on which I flashed : a short necklace that has a very Tiffany style with its key pendant. The other is a silver and pearls long necklace : chic, elegant – it’s really the type of piece that brings a glamorous touch to her wardrobe!

From left to right, you will find :

1/ Katialina necklace (79 €) – 2/ Silver necklace and cultured pearls (100 €)

What jewels to offer at Christmas : earrings

The earrings are one other passions of mine ! I love the fact that they come to play with our face, mingle with our hair, etc. I am in a period where I favor the hanging earrings because I think they bring light to the face. The models that I present to you go in this direction since they are, both, in silver and zirconium. Their shapes are graphic : one geometric and the other more rounded.

From left to right, you will find :

1/ Earrings Sarida (49 €) – 2/ Earrings Spherical (75 €)

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