Christmas gift ideas : Yves Rocher gift sets

We continue our immersion in the magic of the holiday season and the Christmas gifs ideas with Yves Rocher gift sets. A brand that always offers a plethora of small gift ideas is Yves Rocher. Their products cross generations and are found with affection.

For this year, I have selected some ideas to slide under the tree that I hope will make happy at the opening of the gifts !

Yves Rocher gift sets

Doing your Christmas gifts at Yves Rocher‘s place is spoiled for choice. Skincare, body care or fragrance gift sets are available. Depending on your desires, your budget and the tastes of the person to whom you wish to please, you will not be out of ideas !

What I like about this brand is its desire to be accessible without the impression of making a “discount” gift. The packaging are neat, the designs magical at the arrival of the holidays. In short, everything is designed so that our shopping and sensory experience are under the sign of pleasure !

Personally, I have selected facial skincare like the Multimasking Kit that I find perfect to discover this technique of face skincare. The set also allows to discover several products of this new range, which will allow the person, if necessary, to buy the one she has most appreciated !

Another box that I like a lot is the Makeup Composition and its Golden Star which combines an eyeshadow, a nailpolish and a tinted lip balm. The packaging slips into the tree – and can even be reused from one year to the next. This box comes in two versions : Light Shades and Dark Shades.

The Light Shades combine two variations of gold : a “white” gold for eyeshadow and a “yellow” gold for nailpolish. Lip Balm is a raspberry red. In addition to being very moisturizing, this product fits easily in a clutch or minaudière for retouches in the evening. This little kit is perfect for adding a touch of glitter to our party look. This selection of products suits all profiles and will create a glamorous and elegant look – all in discretion.

Dark Shades feature two shades of red for the more burgundy Lip Balm and black cherry color. For eyeshadow, it is a mahogany wood that will give an icy brown effect to your eyes. This set will give a very warm look to our outfit. These products are also suitable for all profiles and will bring a touch more rock and sexy.

Yves Rocher gift sets : the scents in limited edition

I love discovering Yves Rocher’s limited edition scents. Although the permanent ranges are always a good idea, surfing the new fragrances is an idea that I like a lot in terms of Christmas gifts.

This year, the brand has launched two fragrances :

  • Red apple : which is a scent with greedy and comforting notes. This range is sweet and addictive as much as a piece of hot crumble.
  • Golden Tea : which is a scent with fresh and spicy notes. This range is very smooth and will wrap you like a delicate chai tea.

Each range comes with a shower bath, a hand washing gel, a hand cream, an exfoliating shower gel, a soap, a candle, a lip balm, a scented body milk and a scented body balm. Yves Rocher offers compositions ready for less than €10 (with a selection of three products) up to €50 (with the full range).

As for the permanent ranges, these limited edition products are mostly composed of natural ingredients (with even scores reaching 98% for some of them). Other ingredients also come from organic and/or fair trade sectors. Bonus ? The plastic bottles partially contain recycled plastic (bravo Yves Rocher for this commitment that I personally care about !).

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