Oregon Scientific Aroma Diffusers

Aroma diffusers are becoming more and more trendy. In recent months, they have integrated my interior for my greatest pleasure.

Aroma diffusers : how to choose ?

There are several models of aroma diffusers :

  • ultrasonic diffusers : Thanks to vibrations, this process makes it possible to separate and diffuse the molecules of essential oils in the form of very fine particles emitted into the ambient air. This mode of diffusion is made cold and thus allows to preserve all the therapeutic virtues of the essential oils.
  • nebulizer diffusers : Ultrasonic diffusion is a cold diffusion method that allows not to deteriorate the original fragrance of essential oils but also to conserve their energy values. The ultrasound produced by the diffuser makes it possible to transform the mixture of water and oils into a light mist that propagates in the air.

Depending on the choice of diffusion, it remains only to find the design that will enchant you. Many styles exist : clean, natural, modern, etc.

Aroma diffusers : Oregon Scientific Brand

Oregon Scientific is a global brand that creates electronic products for everyday life to meet the needs of consumers. Oregon Scientific products make everyday life easier and better in every area of ​​our lives. I discovered two diffusers of the brand : the Apothecary Bottle and the Sweet Jar Aroma Diffuser.

The Apothecary Bottle works thanks to its ventilation. It propels the aromas of the chosen essential oils while preserving their natural virtues. I love its vintage apothecary bottle design and its lighting that brings a mood light to my interior. The Apothecary diffuser is battery powered and also has a USB cable to connect. This model has three broadcast schedules : continuous for 20 minutes, intermittent with 15 minutes off and 5 minutes off for 1 hour.

The Sweet Jar Aroma Diffuser works with ultrasonic mist. It emits a fine haze of water laden with essential oils while slightly moistening the room. This model is clever – and even more so in winter to moisten air dried by central heating or electric, in summer as a source of freshness. Its candy jar design, through which we can modulate the intensity of its light (intense to soft), is very cute. This diffuser also has three broadcast schedules : continuous for 1 hour, continuous 3 hours or intermittent for 30 seconds of operation and 30 seconds off for 6 hours. It stops automatically when there is no more water.

Both models are accessible in terms of price. They oscillate in a range of 30 to 40 euros.

Aroma diffusers : what benefits ?

Essential oils are renowned for their therapeutic actions including antiseptic and antimicrobial in addition to being able to play on our mood and certain emotions. They can :

  • cleanse your interior (in addition to good ventilation) and prevent certain diseases,
  • to be a respiratory aid,
  • ease the pain,
  • improve cognitive functions and promote concentration,
  • repel insects,
  • relaxing,
  • to promote sleep,
  • reduce stress,
  • support a good mood, etc.

I use essential oils as a supplement to daily life, to relieve some symptoms and or in care. However, essential oils must be handled with care because they can be dangerous for us if they are misused. To be informed is essential ! Free guides are available in all good pharmacies. It is important to choose organic essential oils to be certain of their quality. Their price varies according to the plant from which it is made.

Diffuse essential oils at home allows me to create a different atmosphere with candles, to have a different energy that flows. I use two essential oils at the moment : in the living room, I diffuse essential oil of orange for its fresh, juicy and sparkling touch. It also helps to clean the air and soothe. I think orange essential oil puts me in a good mood !

The other is one of my favorite scents : it is ylang ylang. Its exotic and voluptuous scent makes it completely addictive. Ylang ylang is known for its tonic, regulating and soothing virtues but also aphrodisiacs. This essential oil immediately brings a touch of sensuality in your interior – to reserve for the room (but not only !).

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