Dammann Frères Christmas teas

Christmas teas by Dammann Frères are compositions that make the holidays even more tasty. Every year, I am delighted by these elegant creations that are essential elements for slipping into the festive atmosphere of December. So, let’s go together to explore of these gourmet creations that will warm us during this time of the year !

Dammann Frères Christmas teas

Dammann Frères has combined a collection of five Christmas teas, all packaged in beautiful, colorful and sparkling tins.

The five Christmas teas are :

  • Christmas Tea : is a black tea with fruity flavors of orange and pineapple. These fruits are associated with the delicacy of caramel and maraschino.
  • Christmas Tea Vert : is a green tea with spicy notes of cinnamon, vanilla and ginger. This tea takes a more suave dimension with almond, apple and orange.
  • Noël à Paris : is a black tea that transports us to the enchanted city of lights. This tea is scented with cherry and almond, as well as gingerbread and ginger.
  • Rooibos de Noël : is a red tea (without theine) that bears a taste of gingerbread, orange and black cherry.
  • Tisane de Noël : is a gourmet tea with notes of liquorice, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cocoa and lemon balm.

In addition to these creations, Dammann Frères offers a golden Christmas tea box that you can fill with the tea of ​​your choice.

These Christmas teas cost between 12 and 14€ a box.

Dammann Frères Christmas teas : the gift sets

To taste several varieties or gift ideas to slide under the tree, Dammann Brothers has composed different gift sets containing two to four varieties of Christmas teas. The boxes are 30g containers.

There are the Season’s Greatings (between 23 and 24 €) which bring together two flavored teas :

The “Joyeuses Fêtes” gift set (29€) combines three teas : Christmas Tea, Christmas Tea Vert and Rooibos de Noël.

Finally, the Season’s Greatings gift set (39€) with four Christmas teas : Christmas Tea, Christmas Tea Vert, Rooibos de Noël and Tisane de Noël.

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  1. Blondielike
    17 December 2018 / 8:58 pm

    J’aimerais tellement goûter ce thé! Il a l’air délicieux ! 😋

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