Christmas gift ideas : skincare gift set by Qiriness

The calendar scrolls slowly and some are still struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift ideas. I continue to write about festive ideas and inspirations with a more cocooning and spa proposal with the brand Qiriness.

Qiriness is a brand that I like a lot of which I speak regularly (find my last articles here or there). I love their spa philosophy at home as well as the rituals that the brand decline and the quality of their care. For Christmas, Qiriness offers a wide selection of boxes and kits for your Christmas presents: here is my selection!

Christmas gifts ideas : Boxes Qiriness Caress Boxes

Qiriness proposes to wrap you in softness with its Boxes Caresse which consists of two to three products of care according to the chosen box. The Boxes Caress comes with:

  • Boîte à Caresse Source d’EauProtective Moisturizing Cream (49,90€) : This set is suitable for normal, sensitive and dry skin. It contains the Caresse Source d’Eau protective moisturizing cream that will quench and plump the skin, the Élixir Source d’Eau which is an intense moisturizing serum and a Qiriness beauty bag, ideal to slip into your purse or take with care when your are travelling.
  • Boîte à Caresse Temps FuturAge-Defy Smoothing Cream (59,90€): This set will suit women from 25/30 years old to fight against the first aging signs. It will help strengthen and moisturize the skin to preserve the youth capital of it. Inside, there is Elixir Temps Futur which is an  intensive smoothing serum and a Qiriness beauty  bag, practical and elegant that will accompany you in all circumstances.
  • Boîte à Caresse Temps PrécieuxPerfect Repair Cream (64,90€) : This set can be offered to women around 35 years old. It helps lift and firm the skin. It consists of Elixir Temps Précieux which is a firming and anti-wrinkle serumthat will help redraw the oval of the face as well as a Qiriness beauty bag.
  • Boîte à Caresse Temps Sublime Total Anti-Age Redensifying & Regenerating Cream (72,90 €) : Perfect for mature skin, this set offers a complete response to signs of skin slacking. It contains the Elixir Temps Sublime which is a restructuring anti-aging serum for firming and restructuring the skin and a Qiriness beauty bag.

A Prestige Edition of the Boîte à Caresse is offered by Qiriness. It’s about the :

  • Boîte à Caresse Temps SublimeTotal Anti-Age Redensifying & Regenerating Set with a trio face and eyes (149,80 €): This box is a beautiful composition with the Caresse Temps Sublime duoUltimate Anti-Age Day & Night creams. These two creams will help the skin regain volume, firmness and tone. The Ultimate Anti-Age Eye & Lip Cream, Caresse Regard Sublime completes the routine and proposes a targeted action on the most fragile zones of the face.

Christmas gift ideas : Qiriness Spa Ritual Kits

For a moment of relaxation and skincare at home, Qiriness compiles its rituals in beautiful kits. We find three rituals (14.90€) depending on its skin type and the action we want to bring to our face with :

  • My Radiance Ritual Home Spa Kit : Includes the Wrap Exfoliys Scrub, Finlande Sauna Visage, the Wrap Radiance and the Wrap Éclat. This set is ideal to reboost your skin during the changes of season but also to fight against the tired face related to pollution and other external aggressions.
  • My Moisturizing Ritual Home Spa Kit : includes the Exfolys Wrap Scrub, Bali Sauna Visage, the Wrap d’Eau and Wrap Hyal-Aqua. This set will moisturize deeply and plump the epidermis. The complexion will be brighter and fresh.
  • My Purifying Ritual Home Spa Kit : Includes Wrap Exfolys Rice Scrub, Marrakech Sauna Visage, Wrap Terre d’Orient and the Wrap Purifiant. Ideal for combination or oily skin, this kit will rebalance the skin and help fight against imperfections.

To test different products, Qiriness also offers :

  • My Single Dose Mask Kit for Face & Eyes (19,90 €) : contains four microfiber face masks. We have the Wrap Purifiant (Purifying), the Wrap Hyal-Aqua (Moisturizing), the Wrap Éclat (radiance), the Wrap d’Or (Anti-Aging) and the Wrap Yeux Hyal-Éclat (illuminate).

For the body, a specific kit has launched with the :

Christmas gift ideas : Qiriness Men’s Gift Sets

Qiriness thinks about men with three gift sets in order to make discover the flagship products of the brand to these gentlemen. We have the :

  • Groomed Beard Pack (25,90€) : contains the Beard Conditioner, a non-greasy and non-sticky skincare that nourishes and softens the beard. As a gift, there are two travel sizes of Daily Purifying Cleanser and Healthy Glow Care.
  • Intense Hydration Pack (35,90€) : consists of the Moisturizing Balm, a non-greasy and non-sticky treatment, which quenches the skin. As a gift, there are two travel sizes of Daily Purifying Cleanser and Healthy Glow Care.
  • Two Step Express Care Kit (9,90€): contains the Daily Purifying Cleanser in travel size and the microfiber mask : the Wrap Hydratant. Perfect to travel with or to test the brand.

christmas gift ideas qirinesschristmas gift ideas qirinesschristmas gift ideas qirinesschristmas gift ideas qiriness


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