Roger & Gallet Extraits de Cologne

The Roger & Gallet Cologne Extraits are perfumes that I loved discovering, starting with Tubéreuse Hédonie. In September 2018, the range was enriched by two new fragrances : Rose Mignonnerie and Magnolia Folie.

Extraits de Cologne : Rose Mignonnerie

Rose Mignonnerie is a creation by Aurélien Guichard.

“I wanted to create a pure, modern, fresh, vibrant rose ready to bloom – a naturalized concentrate of Damascena rose essence mixed with a green accord reminiscent of the freshness of the dew. A pungent note of pepper dares, reminiscent of the thorny stem of the rose bush Finally, a flash of tangerine and crisp basil leaves give texture to the rose, in the background, a woody trail of cedar brings body to this resolutely modern rose.”

Rose Mignonnerie is made of 90.4% of ingredients of natural origin. The top notes are tangerine and black pepper, then the heart notes mix Bulgarian rose and basil. Finally, the base notes are cedar and elemi.

The rose dresses with mignonnerie which is the combination of kindness and innocence with this creation of Aurélien Guichard. We have a fresh, sparkling fragrance while being very sweet. This fragrance is comforting and enveloping, as when we plunge our nose into a big bouquet of roses!

Extraits de Cologne : Magnolia Folie

Magnolia Folie is a creation by Frédérique Terranova.

“Magnolia Folie is a floral, feminine and delicate cologne.First, sparkling bergamot and tangerine bring quality and brightness. The signature is built around the magnolia.The aquatic notes of the flower and the green leafy notes are ingeniously mixed with a beautiful Absolute Rose and apricot faceted osmanthus.”

Magnolia Madness consists of 88.9% ingredients of natural origin. The top note is greedy and juicy with the blackcurrant bud, the heart notes are magnolia, orange blossom and jasmine. Base notes blend patchouli and cedar.

The magnolia is drunk with fantasy, originality and a touch of madness with Frédérique Terranova. This fragrance is pure, sparkling and flowery.

To conclude, these two new creations are delicious and they will delight the hearts of aficionados of floral perfumes, sweet and greedy.

Extraits of Cologne (28,60€ 30 ml)

extraits de cologneextraits de cologneextraits de cologne


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