Artis brush dupe : test of the Elle Precision brush + Pro

Finding a Artis brush dupe is not an easy thing. After discovering them at the Printemps de la Beauté with a makeup artist of the brand, I had been conquered by their effectiveness in making the application of makeup a breeze !

Artis brush dupe : what are we talking about?

The artis brushes are makeup accessories that combine design, ergonomics, efficiency and performance far ahead of the rest of the other brushes on the market. Their look is original and out of the ordinary. Thanks to their 100% synthetic CosmeFibre bristles, applying makeup becomes child’s play and fast : the complexion is uniform, without traces and all the ultra-precise techniques. The grip is comfortable and the hairs of incomparable softness.

The Artis range is available in brushes for the complexion, the eyes and the lips.

My goal every day is to have the brightest, unified and smooth complexion possible. This involves skincare but also a touch of makeup. That’s why the choice of accessories is important to me. I discovered at Victoires de la Beauté the brush Elle Precision brush + Pro and I test it for a few weeks, here is my review.

Artis brush dupe : The Precision Brush + Pro of ELLE

Elle Precision brush + Pro brush has a look quite similar to Artis brushes. The head consists of an oval and rounded tip with ultra-soft and dense bristles. The handle is composed of soft touch that allows a good grip for better ergonomic.

The ELLE brush adapts to all formulas, both fluids and powders. Depending on the type of product, the application will differ.

For fluid formulas or creams : Apply a few points of foundation with the brush then smooth the product with light circular movements. I advise you to start with the center of the face : from the T zone to the borders of the face.

For powder formulas : Apply the powder on the whole face by circular motions.

The ELLE brush is sold in medium and large supermarkets and drugstores from €12.90.

Brush Precision + Pro ELLE : my opinion

I find the design successful : black, minimalist and elegant. The brush is easy to handle. Moreover, the latter is not too heavy. The handle remains flexible – which allows to better follow the curves of the face.

The hairs are extremely fine and soft – which makes the application pleasant and the result close to perfection. Since I started my test, I can not use another brush or my beauty blender, that is to say. The finish is really smooth, with no demarcation, even for matte formulas. I also find that the application is even faster with the Elle Precision brush + Pro because it blends the product in the blink of an eye on the skin.

Although I sometimes use this brush for the powder, I really have a crush on the application of cream formulas. I also like to use it to blur a blush or a bronzer to get a more blended finish. I’m so addicted to this accessory that I even take it on trip with me !

Each week, I clean my Elle Precision brush + Pro with Blender Cleanser (the special Beauty Blender cleanser) that is best suited for removing all foundation residue.

If you are looking for a good brush to accompany you in the creation of your looks, I highly recommend it. Another advantage is its accessible price for a quality of this level.

And you, do you know the ELLE brushes ? Have you tested them ?

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