Fruit mousse with Reims pink biscuits

A fruit mousse in autumn ? You may have to laugh but I want to tell you why not ! Autumn is coming to an end, winter is approaching but that does not prevent to think dessert while lightness. To add a little treat and colorful touch, I associate this dessert, ultra easy and fast, the pink biscuits of Reims. They are light to tasting and just brings that sweet touch that delight our taste buds !

Fruit mousse with pink biscuits : the recipe

Ingredients for 4 verrines

1 pear

1 banana

16 mini pink biscuits from Reims from maison Fossier

1 briquette of liquid cream at 30% fat

80 g of icing sugar

4 raspberry macaroons from maison Fossier

Reims pink biscuit powder for decoration

Fruit mousse with pink biscuits : the steps

The night before, put in the freezer, the bowl and whips of the drummer to mount the whipped cream.

Peel the fruit and mix by adding a few drops of lemon so that the flesh does not blacken. Reserve cool.

Prepare the whipped cream, pouring the cream into the very cold bowl, then gradually add the sugar by beating at maximum speed. Once the whipped cream is ready, reserve in the fridge.

In the glaces, place two pink mini biscuits of Reims then add the fruit puree. Add two pink biscuits from Reims.

Pour the whipped cream into a piping bag and place in the verrines.

Sprinkle a little pink biscuit powder from Reims and finish with a raspberry macaroon.

Keep in the fridge for at least 2 hours before eating this dessert.

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