The test of Pore Control by Clarins

Pore Control by Clarins is the last skinccare highlighted by the brand in the fall of 2018. I tested it for you and explains everything you need to know about this launch.

Pore Control by Clarins : the product

Clarins Pore Control is a skin-perfectsing serum whose objective is to reduce the appearance of pores, smooth and unify the skin texture. The assets to achieve this goal are :

  • tamarind : helps eliminate dead cells to refine, smooth and unify the skin texture.
  • arbutus extract : with antioxidant properties that helps fight against skin aging.
  • glycol acid : known for its ability to exfoliate the surface of the skin homogeneously to help boost cell renewal to ultimately improve the appearance of fine lines, skin texture, but also tone and radiance skin.
  • red vine : which is regenerating and antioxidant.

This product is for all skin types and can be used morning and evening.

Pore Control by Clarins : my test

I tried the Pore Control in my morning skincare routine because, for those who follow me for a while, I have a specific care routine due to my perioral dermatitis. So I applied the care before my day cream. The texture and scent are nice and fresh.

The packaging is very convenient with its pump bottle and a pump is more than enough to do the whole face. However, from the first use, I reduced the area of ​​application on my nose and a small part of the cheeks where the pores are a little more apparent than on the rest of the face. Why ? Because the product contains alcohol (third ingredient in the list) and it is an ingredient to strongly avoid  in the case of sensitive and reactive – even dry skin. This ingredient can cause inflammation of the skin and even pimples in the case of perioral dermatitis. Alcohol is generally used in cosmetics to bring this feeling of freshness but also to keep the cosmetics.

I found that the product smooths the skin and had a blurring effect almost immediately. It’s interesting to be able to prepare the skin for makeup with a serum. Not having tested it on a window of three weeks, I can not speak to you about effects on the medium term, even the long term, and to judge if Pore Control really acts like a skincare to refine the skin texture. The smoothing effect can also come from the silicone present in the product as in some primers that already exist on the makeup market.

In conclusion

  • the pros : I think Clarins Pore Control may be suitable for normal, combination to oily skin, depending on my dermatological experience. The ingredients that compose it have these slightly astringent properties that can improve skin texture and reduce the appearance of pores. The packaging is very practical and adapts to travel. The sensoriality of the serum can please the greatest number.
  • the cons : the price of the Clarins Pore Control is not accessible at all the purses (58€ the 30ml). For women looking to avoid certain ingredients in the composition of their cosmetics, the Clarins Pore Control may not meet your specifications.

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