Short hair : my care routine

Short hair deserves just as much care as long hair. In the street or in the subway, I often get asked to ask where I’m doing my hair and how I take care. I will share my little secrets in this article.

Short hair : how to take care of them ?

Short hair does not have the same rhythmicity of maintenance. I go on average every eight weeks to the hairdresser. I keep going to Les Garçons dans le Salon near République. Generally, I make a tone-on-tone coloration to slightly darken my natural color and bring more shine. However, since this summer, I let my hair breathe. I was also known for my purple hair and in recent months, I stopped dying it because I wanted to change. Nevertheless, I keep a certain reflection in this place which is not to displease me!

When I was in college, I washed my hair every day. But in recent years, I have disciplined myself to find a new balance. Now, I wash my hair two to three times maximum my hair per week. Too much hair washing tends to grease and weaken.

Short hair : my current products

Even though I do not color my hair for the moment, I still use colored hair products to keep my hair shine. I use TIGI‘s shampoo and conditioner Bead Head Colour Goddess for coloured hair. I love the texture of these products and especially their caramel fragrance that makes the shower super enjoyable.

Once a month, I take a “bath” of vegetable oil in which I add a few drops of Secret Professional by Phyto Botanical Secret with essential oils that purifies the scalp. I have this mask set for half an hour and then I go to the shampoo.

In between, I sometimes use the Shine and Color Mask by Secret Professionnel by Phyto, which in addition to an exquisite sensoriality, makes the hair very soft and light.

Once the hair is washed, I use the Shaeri Hair  Spray with Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil which is a daily and multi-use care to use on wet or dry hair to regenerate and soften. Using this Shaeri treatment helps prevent frizz and protect the hair when drying. In addition to prickly pear seed oil, this product combines jojoba and avocado oil.

Before drying (or looping), I apply a tiny amount of Nectar Thermique from Kérastase is a polishing nourishing milk perfect for preparing the hair blow dry.

Finally, after having done the styling, I heat a little Beauty Cream Plus from Secret Professional by Phyto. This product based on apricot oil can give a final touch, hydrate and shine the hair. I apply it on the tips or I “break” my curls with it to make the color stand out.

short hairshort hairshort hair


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